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  1. I switched from Pixel XL 128GB (original) on EE to the Mate Pro 10 (unlocked sim-free) and got an advanced 3 plan. I also traded in my Nexus 6 and with the offer on the phone in CPW, I paid £429 cash (£529 without trade-in) So far I'm very happy with the choice I made and think the device is worth the money (I wasn't willing to pay extortionate amount for the Pixel 2 XL 128GB) Pros Cheaper than Pixel 2 XL 128GB Excellent camera capabilities (also see cons for this) - lot quicker to focus than Pixel XL Very quick WiFi calling works (on three anyway) so no need for app Not a lot of bloatware compared to earlier devices Bluetooth connectivity seems to be better than my Pixel XL Comes with Screen Protector (installed) and Case Cheap (at moment) Cons Stock Widgets cause other launchers to crash (Nova, Apex, etc, etc) Last security update was November (Huawei are usually slow at providing updates (based on my watch updates)) Camera can only shoot 4:3 @ 20mp, 18:9 @ 8mp
  2. excel does not report an error http://imgur.com/a/mIgvB if anyone uses excel would they like to try the formula i have posted or you could actually try excel online as microsoft provide basic usage of the app for free online
  3. LibreOffice/OpenOffice are limited and do not offer the same functionality as Excel. As I stated, use Excel just done a google search which also shows that this can be done goo.gl/UrFeRP
  4. Nope, it will add the time together and if you subtract it will subtract the time A lot of people under estimate excel and what it can do. You can add/subtract time and dates with simple operands if you have excel, give it a go and you'll be surprised with the results.
  5. if doing time calculations just do the following B3 = 05:00 C3 = 07:00 =MIN(B3+C3,"17:00") This will show 12:00 as B3+C3 = 12:00 If changed the values so higher then it will show 17:00
  6. And they still try to dismiss it when customers try advising them of their rights as a consumer. Some will only do something if you threaten them with Trading Standards.
  7. And just off this, I questioned both EE and Google about the Pixel XL and warranty, etc as EE were stating it was down to Google and nothing to do with them and Google confirmed that it is with EE for the first 12 months, they weren't too sure about months 13-24 though but based on the CRA I would say EE are responsible for the full 24 months
  8. @apelike, yep you are correct with that as the CRA replaced SOGA and any reseller breaching this needs to be reported
  9. It doesn't matter if you buy a tv, laptop or any other product from a reseller like curry's, pc world, argos or the local computer store - the consumer has the right by law to seek a full refund within 6 months of purchase but after 30 days they must allow the reseller at least one attempt to repair or replace the product before requesting the full refund. If the reseller refuses to provide a remedy within the first 6 months then the consumer can ask for a full refund or offer to keep the item at a reduced cost (so the reseller provides partial refund). It is also upto the reseller to prove to the consumer that the product was of satisfactory quality at time of purchase and not the consumer. If the reseller refuses to repair, refund or replace then they need to be reported to Trading Standards as they are breaching your statutory rights. If they try fobbing you off or blaming the manufacturer for the fault then they need reporting to the Consumer Ombudsman. Any reseller should be aware of The Consumer Rights Act as this came into place on 1 October 2015 and replaces the Sales of Goods Act and it gives more rights to the consumer for a refund, repair or replacement from the reseller.
  10. Actually the reseller is responsible for all claims within the first 12 months. If a consumer has an issue they take it up with the reseller not the manufacturer. Remember all consumers are now protected by the Consumer Rights act of 2015.
  11. yeh, Amazon are usually ok when it comes to issues like this - i returned a camera lens I wasn't happy about after 3 months and they refunded - last year an SSD failed within 10 months and they refunded - it doesn't matter whether or not you purchased from a 3rd party on Amazon, Amazon will help and if necessary resolve any issues (if the item is eligible for Amazon Prime then Amazon take full ownership of the issues)
  12. Amazon Music Amazon Shopping Google+ BBC News CamerAlert ES File Explorer Pro Exposure Calculator - for camera Flickr Groove GSAM Battery Monitor Pro Hook Kaspersky Internet Security OneNote OutLook Pixel Phone Plex Onkyo Remote Roku SamKnows Sky+ SMS Backup+ Speedtest Wifi Overview Phone Analyser Xbox Word MyDrive MyEE Kore OneDrive Microsoft Account Auto Guard Dash Cam Car Home Ultra TomTom Go Did use to use Nova Launcher with KLWP but now switched to the plain Pixel Launcher with a couple of widgets - some of my apps listed are only used on my Nexus 6 (mainly the automotive apps)
  13. what model of Yamaha amp - have you tried plugging youview directly to tv - one of the biggest issues is that if you are in hdmi and have surround selected the audio will cut-out every-so-often. if you get the same problem with direct connection to tv then either a cable or youview issue. to prove it's youview try a different cable
  14. I was with BT for 4 years and their CS is useless and they don't really offer any incentives to customers for staying with them. I left because of their poor CS and have switched to Sky
  15. BT no longer use yahoo, will check mine later to see if still active, but yes they say it is chargeable
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