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Perseid meteor shower tonight

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I've just got back from taking my daughter to see some outside the Sportsman at Redmires. There were quite a few people from the Sheffield Astronomical Society there, so must be a preferred spot ( I presume they're not going to pick a bad viewing spot).


We saw a few, plus the International Space Station went past while we were there, so a couple of hours well spent.


I don't know that my daughter was that bothered, but it's a couple of things she can say she has seen, the perseids and the ISS.

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Saw one tonight that left a bright trail and you could hear it!

Like a whoosh as it burnt up, biggest ive ever seen.


Not sure that's true, most are travelling that fast that the sound will be heard (a boom) around 5 mins after you see it pass overhead. Although sometimes they do create soundwaves which make the earth vibrate which will be you're ear making you think its the meteor.

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