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  1. I was one of the people that stayed with the lady until the ambulance had arrived. There was no car involved. She seemed to have hit her head quite hard when she fell. Hope she will be ok xx
  2. The rumour appears to be true. I have been told by a member of staff that SENCO is leaving at Christmas. I just hope in the process that any children with SEN aren't missed/forgot and that work isn't just left until the new SENCO is in post.
  3. Great post. I agree there are some brilliant teachers there, and it would be such a shame if these teachers left. I agree with lack of consistency too. Communication is very poor with that school also. And, no I'm not a bitter Wisewood supporter. The school is there, nothing can change that. But if things aren't right there, then it needs to be sorted.
  4. I agree! The school does seem to be in some sort of decline. I can't work out in what way though. The SENCO is leaving at Christmas, I believe, I'm not sure who will take their place, don't think they have said anything yet. In my opinion, there is something going seriously wrong at that school! They haven't been inspected by ofsted in a while, maybe it's time they paid a visit! ---------- Post added 28-11-2015 at 20:35 ---------- Headmaster of school is on board of governors - so where else can people go to complain? School complaints procedure is complaint to headteacher first, then board of governors, but I'm sure there must be somewhere else parents can turn to?
  5. I've been watching since 930pm. Saw 2 quite big meteors and loads of shooting stars.
  6. Wow wow wow!!!!! That was the best storm ever. Hope there's no damage anywhere though, and that people are all ok xx
  7. Yrs 7,9 and 11 will have dinner at 1220 until 1250 - yrs 8 and 10 will have dinner 1320 until 1350. The school day will also finish at 1450. Kids use breaks and lunchtime not only to have dinner, but to socialise too, and not all kids choose to socialise outside of school. To some children school is there socialising part of life aswell. They only have one break as it is at forge valley. It's not fair to cut there dinner time again, and for kids who have breakfast at 7am, having dinner at 1320 is too late, in my opinion.
  8. Hirsty was there last year and it was still a Reds win!! Blues definitely due a win
  9. The consultation for merging the 2 schools began in 2007. If I remember rightly, Paul scriven approached the then labour government to stop the merger. Ed balls had some say in the decision too. But it had apparently gone too far.
  10. Yes the grassy land that's left has been sold. Don't think my kids will ever see a park at wisewood.
  11. Labour are demolishing wisewood! Closed wisewood secondary, sold spider park land and now forge valley won't pay for wisewood sports hall so it's future in jeopardy!!
  12. Thanks for doing that ---------- Post added 05-04-2015 at 13:08 ---------- new info mark is 5ft 9 and slim build mousy blonde short hair hes wearing a gray and black bicker jacket white t shirt with wrightting and traccy bottoms with a white line down with white writing and glasses and a bandanna round neck please ring 101 quoting 838 4/4/15 if you see him keep him with you till police turn up please
  13. This is the only link I can get - its to his sisters facebook page - the post about him being missing is on there https://www.facebook.com/sharon.woodhead.12?fref=ts Thanks
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