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  1. Hello all, Clearing my parents house, I've come across some Vogue knitting magazines from - I think - the early to late 60s. Does anyone want them? There aren't many - 8 or so - although I may find more. I'd rather they were put to use than dropped in the recycling. Thanks
  2. Thanks very much davecop, I'll give them a try. N
  3. Sadly Dronfield Motor Spares has closed down. I thought they were great and could get pretty much anything.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a Sheffield-based mobile windscreen fitter please? My Mk5 Cortina needs its screen re-sealing but I think there'll be rust round the edges for me to sort before it goes back in again. I'm happy to weld it up - but not to try to get the screen out / in! Thanks!
  5. It's perfect weather just now for seeing the meteor shower over Sheffield - I've seen two shooting stars in the last 10 minutes, so you won't need to stay up until the 4am peak...
  6. Hi all, I've got some old copies of Practical Classics that I need to shift - I've finally run out of space. They are: 1988: Feb, Apr, Jul, Sep, Nov, Dec 1989: All 12 1990: All 12 1991: 10 copies, Sep & Dec missing 1992: Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Oct The advice in them doesn't date, so they're just as useful as more recent copies. £10 and they're all yours - pick-ups only, from Bradway. Drop me a line if you're interested. I'll leave this going for a week or two, but if I haven't moved them by then I'm afraid they'll be recycled - I don't have the time or energy to sell them on Ebay! Thanks, Neil
  7. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good local powder coater who could blast and coat my Ford alloys? Cheers, N
  8. DMS (Dronfield Motor Spares) on Callywhite Lane in Dronfield is really good - they regularly get me Cortina bits within 24 hours of asking. Sometimes same day.
  9. What, no Mk5? And when was the last time you saw a Mk 4 - it's the rarest of the lot...
  10. Hi, Not sure about a six-wheeler, but there's quite a lot of discussion about them on buysellcortina.co.uk and a recent pic in the Cortina Discussion area... TTFN
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