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  1. You mean the shortcutz on newfield green i assume? The one on Northern avenue is still open.
  2. I never said it wasnt a good cause, in fact its not even a cause is it, just how it should be. The problem is this exercise is futile and pointless and only serves as baton to be beaten with rather than being a true reflection of equality in pay. One headline today said that women in the nhs get paid 25% less than their male counterparts! No mention of the pay grades system within the nhs etc. Very misleading as an exercise on the whole. Will lead to positive discriminiatiion no doubt in an effort to show that the employers are trying to reduce the “pay gap”.
  3. Youd think so but a lot of people misunderstand percentages and only go on click bait headlines. The figures are being misused for peoples own agendas and to mislead those who dont understand fully. People love a good cause to back these days on their social media platforms dont they!
  4. The problem is that the way the pay gap figures are compiled means the figures gained are anything but comprehensive and useless in calculating any disparities. You could use the same formula to calculate what people with dark hair get paid as apposed to light hair, or blue eyes vs brown and there would be a difference shown, it wouldnt show discrimination against the lower paid groups in either case though. The figures can be used if youre looking for a stick to beat your own tambourine with to make an invalid claim and i think thats all it will be used for. I think the majority of people misunderstand the figure and dont know how its calculated and therefore think that it means men and women in the same job get paid a different rate of pay and thats clearly not what it shows at all.
  5. There are laws in place to make sure they do. The gender pay gap figures dont represent this though,totally flawed and pointless exercise and more likely to encourage positive discrimination in an effort to balance the pointless paygap difference.
  6. I need a couple of oil drums if anyone has one or two. Thanks in advance. Can collect.
  7. What you need to learn unbeliever is that ,people with rich mommies and daddies,people who ride bicycles,people who order cous cous or houmas (rather than just eating it because its there),people who give their children far out names,men who sport hipster beards and attend "womens" rallies,women who knit pink fluffy hats in the name of anti feminism and people who sit all day thinking of letters to add on the end of LGBTQIEA.......etc, (any two or more of the above) are better than you and know better than you! Because of that they can do anything (violence,criminal damage,illegal activities) and say anything (no matter how outrageous) in the name of their cause and at the cost of anyone elses. You see,they are righteous and correct and we are stupid and have lesser opinions so they are educating us and encouraging us to not be so silly. For example You pointed out (quite correctly in my silly opinion) that its fascism in the name of anti-fascism to Chalga. Chalga then moved the goal posts of the definition of fascism (because Chalga is better than you and cleverererer) and re-educated you so youre not a silly billy anymore and now realise you were wrong all along and your opion means nothing because you dont fit in with the self proclaimed righteous in-crowd of the moment. Youre not a majority-minority or a male feminist or a fascist-antifascist or any other of those thoroughly modern and never wrong groups whose opinions are important unfortunately,im really sorry. My advice is to grow yourself a beard to get cous cous and houmous (organic and from waitrose of course!) to get stuck in as you ride your bike with a plastic chair on the back with Starlilly or Moonshower (or whatever you choose to change your childrens name to by deed poll). Only then do you stand a chance of being right about anything im afraid these days and joining the ranks of the elite and gaining their respect. I hope thats explained to you how to get a voice and stopped you from being silly and thinking your opinions are valid unbeliever. (as an aside its prudent to point out that when it all kicks off and turns from pseudo violence and pseudo anarchy into the real thing then all the poor little righteous boys and girls come over all "dont you know who my daddy is","OMG ......Youre being soooo (racist,homophobic,fascist....) insert name here...","ive got to go.....ive just remembered theres a gay,black,elephant with learning difficulties stuck down a fascist dictator-like well in a country youre too poor or ill-educated to pronounce who really needs our help" etc etc as they disappear into the ether and onto their next great cause) Until then all i can suggest is to be very anti socialist and buy shares in Waitrose,bicycle puncture repair kits,wool and beard oil and amass a fortune as you wait it out.
  8. Youll get splinters sitting on that fence. Of course juries are always right arent they. Take your pc blinkers off and have another look. You can call it aquitted if you like, i consider it getting away with it. Just traffiking? Seriously? You think thats how a grooming gang works? Seriously? "i just drove them round your honour,honest!", the jury might have bought it but i doubt the majority of people would! Yes yes "i dont know because ive not heard the evidence" blah blah. You dont think that stinks at all?
  9. Is assume the legal profession given your posting history. At least i have an opinion,as yet youve failed to answer any questions ive posed. IE :- what do you think the ones who have just been charged with just traffiking think they were driving schoolgirls around for? And do you truly believe they had no part in raping the girls. The accusation was made or the charges wouldnt have been there to drop in the first place. Maybe they though the others in the gang were starting a brownie troupe eh! Give me a break.
  10. Youve been in profession too long mate if you cant see the wood for the trees.
  11. Knowing human nature takes no qualifications. As does knowing when someone is telling the truth or lying to try and save their own skin. What did the ones who have just been convicted of traffiking think they were involved in then, enlighten us all? For you to agree that they were unaware of what was happening or to be oblivious to what happened to the poor girls is naivety at its finest. They were complicit in the scheme and their actions had a causal effect to facilitate the rape. If you think that makes them less guilty then i cant agree. As ive said, i think joint enterprise would make sure that they all felt the weight of the law and not let the ones who have lied and convinced the jury get off lightly. Sorry.
  12. Ok, youre probably right. The others thought they were traffiking teenage girls for days out at alton towers. My mistake! The complainents who have been raped will feel let down because the men they know raped them too have got off with some of the rape charges. You believe that the courts are infallable and always make the right descision if you like. I know what i believe.
  13. I think my point is that two of them were cleared of rape charges when its highly unlikely that they didnt and Have only been convicted of traffiking, with one of them having a sexual assault charge on top of that and may recieve lesser sentances. If they were traffiking girls then it was for the purposes of rape and i hope their sentances reflect that fact. Hence the joint enterprise question. Some of the rape charges against the others were also dropped which ultimately will make some of the girls feel that justice has definitely not been served and that they have been let down by the judicial system. Would be a bit of a travesty if some recieved lesser sentances, they were all involved and contributed knowingly at the very least (thats if you believe they didnt rape anyone personally) to what happened so should all be held responsible. They preyed as a "gang" so should be sentanced like one too.
  14. Looking at the charges and what theyve already been cleared of i dont hold out much hope for long sentences. Better that theyre now named though and will be locked up for however long that may be. ---------- Post added 21-12-2016 at 23:10 ---------- Can they get sentanced under joint enterprise i wonder so they all get the full term of all offences and no one gets off lightly? I think it would be appropriate as they were all complicit in the offences.
  15. On the contrary, its lovely to see and a great start. More of this is needed to help a change in attitudes,that may lead to a more pro-active stance and some reporting of suspect people within the muslim community too. Well done and thankyou to all of those involved.
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