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Airliner just passed over Sheffield really low 31/05/15.

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Haha. Not that low I'm afraid.

I know height is almost impossible to judge as there's little to use as a reference point, but very low from usual observations.

Just thought it quite odd.

Wish I'd not uninstalled flight radar now!

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Via plane finder:


21:31 - Easyjet, Airbus A319, 38,000 ft, 518MPH, London - Inverness.

21:33 - Emirates, Airbus A380-800, 11,750 ft, Manchester - Dubai.

21:34 - Ryanair, Boeing 737-800, 32,875 ft, Stansted - Edinburgh.


That's it for around those times until 21:46, so I'm guessing that it was the Manchester - Dubai flight that stated you.

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Definitely not that late mate. Was back in the house by then. And was travelling west to east.


You said 21:35 and the Manchester - Dubai flight flew over Sheffield @ 21:33. It was pretty low as well compared to all the other airliners that fly over Sheffield, for example the others at the time were three times higher, it also was travelling west to east. So it looks like it was the one.

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