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  1. ---------- Post added 31-03-2018 at 16:50 ---------- [/color] Call me synical if you want Robbie but having been in the industry almost ten years there is rarely a reasonable reason to do what the OP has suggested. Credit score & affordability are reasons but not good ones in my opinion. As an advisor it would be irresponsible of me to arrange a mortgage for someone when one of a married couple has affordability issues and also lenders do not like finiancial connections having poor credit hence why most lenders will not entertain a married couple applying in one name, unless it’s re-mortgage that was originally in one name. Anyone wanting to do what the OP suggested would set alarm bells ringing for me.
  2. A spouse or partner could claim to have contributed toward the mortgage or claim half of the equity in the property belongs to them.
  3. it's actually the opposite, most lenders would expect a spouse to be on the mortgage regardless of income or employment. A few lenders will even decline the application if a married couple only want one of them on the mortgage. I cannot see a situation (that is not dodgy) where a spouse wouldn't be allowed on the mortgage regardless of their employment situation or income.
  4. Yes, a friend of mine got caught three times by that very camera in one day, I do believe that one is on all the time.
  5. I drive Junction 33 to 37 and back three times a week and if them cameras where on I would have had more than one ticket in the post. I haven't and I think the police are just putting this information out there in an effort to slow traffic down.
  6. I thought he'd be a good signing, he has been poor. I watched some of your game against Cardiff as it was on in the pub. He missed one sitter and then missed another chance that I am sure he would have buried a couple of seasons ago. He looks a shadow of his former self.
  7. He's injured, although if Wilson keeps scoring then he will be down the pecking order but that's not a bad problem to have is it? Strikers are there to score goals and both Donaldson and Wilson scored on Saturday, long may it continue.
  8. Pretty sure I’ve just seen Lightning in Rotherham.
  9. He might still play, I'm still clinging to the faint hope that Brook's illness is a mind game and he'll be available.
  10. I have read it, you are missing my point, it is aimed at your manager not at his teenage daughter and there is a massive difference.
  11. There is also a massive difference between aiming some abuse at your rivals manager than aiming it at the managers teenage daughter top but don't let that stop you trying to brush of the disgusting behaviour by a minority of "Wednesday fans" saying we all have idiots. Some of the stuff I have seen posted about Wilders daughter is nothing short of disgusting and some of it by middle aged blokes with kids of their own. Fortunately the majority of Owls fans on Twitter and Owls talk are calling them out on it. ---------- Post added 09-01-2018 at 11:48 ---------- 100% mate way above any normal levels of banter, aim it at CW if you want, he's our manager and a grown man, but to aim it at a child is just beyond sick.
  12. Our results recently have been poor but other than 2 games we have played really well especially against Derby & Bristol City. I've been saying that one day it will click and someone is going to get hammered, I don't for one minute think that will be Wednesday on Friday. It's a Derby anything can happen plus Wednesday having a new manager who is a bit of an unknown will make it harder for Wilder to prepare. There is one thing I'm not worried about though & that's our mentality we will be will up for it. The atmosphere could turn nasty especially if Wednesday fans (the minority of idiots) decide to sing about Evie Wilder. I really hope they don't as it won't be pleasant. Fingers crossed everyone enjoys it and goes home safely and a Blades win. No prediction from me as in all honesty I don't have a clue a lot will depend on which Wednesday turns up, the one that destroyed forest or the one that fell apart v Burton.
  13. Suppose it's a free hit really as not the end of the world if you go out.
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