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Where do I go to vote lost paperwork

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Hi where do I go to vote? I've lost paperwork I live near London road abbeydale road area . We normally vote by post we don't appear to have got paperwork . Thanks


Too late to vote by post

Go to your nearest polling station- your name(s) might be registered there. Or they will send you to the correct polling station for your address. Or they will tell you that you have not registered to vote.

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Try here hope it helps, but Im sure its going to be either the church on the corner of St Ronans RD (just off Abbeydale Road) or on the corner of Holland place (Just off london road)

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They sent one to go in person but I lost it can I go to any polling station?or not?


If it was a polling card you were sent (I'm guessing it was as you say you were sent one "to go in person") you don't need it to vote. As long as you're on the electoral register you can vote.



More info here: https://www.gov.uk/voting-in-the-uk/polling-stations

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Ring up Electoral Services in the morning.


If you were due a postal vote and haven't got it, you can be issued a duplicate as long as you turn up at the town hall before 5pm. You can then vote and hand it in at any polling station. If their records show you have already filled one in, you won't be given another.


If you didn't request a postal vote, they can confirm which is your correct polling station and save you a wasted trip to the wrong one. You can't just turn up at any of them, each station has a list of 3000-4000 names or so.


Of course, you could just knock on the door of your neighbour and ask them what address is on their polling card.

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Guest sibon
At 2130 the night before polling starts at 0700 you decide to do something about a lost card?


And his vote counts as much as yours:rolleyes:

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