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Where do I go to vote lost paperwork

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At 2130 the night before polling starts at 0700 you decide to do something about a lost card?


You don't need the card to vote. Although it's advisable to note the address of the polling station on there before you lose it!!!

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I didn't even get my card. :suspect:


I have rung and made sure that they have registered me and I am. I just have to go to my polling station and give my name.


Be very interesting to know just how many DIDN'T get their cards and why.

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No i was told it was 2, and even when l rang Electoral dept yesterday, l was told the same 2 Cards:|


Its one polling card, and you get handed 2 ballot papers when you go to vote. One for the general election, and the 2nd is for the Sheffield Councillor election.

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