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  1. Well the timetable allows for half an hour or so for the WHOLE journey into town http://www.supertram.com/uploads/KC2141RRP2015Area8SpecificTimetableFINALWEBV3.pdf So they arent even been given a "time" of 40 minutes for the whole thing.
  2. Any bus that goes to Firth Park Centre, check the North Sheffield bus map: http://travelsouthyorkshire.com/northsheffieldbusnetworkmap/
  3. Indeed it is, it is almost pointless compared to a crumpet.
  4. So all those companies who print "crumpet" on the label are wrong? Interesting theory.
  5. One Stop is a chain of shops, and there is one "local" to the OP. Hope this helps.
  6. I'd rather neither were dragged on and on and on.
  7. Doesnt it take a few days for the new tram line to "set", as it were? So you could never do stuff like this overnight.
  8. A pikelet is a thinner crumpet, two totally different things.
  9. It certainly had nothing to do with a woman who has not been in power for 25 years and has been dead for 2 years.
  10. Crying out loud, the way some of you are going on you would have thought the passenger was 7 year old and travelling ten miles, rather than 17 year old and travelling what, a mile?
  11. Well it will pan both lanes, someone sits there and watches the tapes either live or later that day.
  12. The adjudicator would quash any tickets issued in a matter of seconds.
  13. Nah, the operator will clearly see there is a broken down car and common sense would be applied.
  14. In which case just go round the broken down car? During the bus lane times no sane person is going to fine people for doing so.
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