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The Grand National, is it cruel ?


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I am totally against this race as like always a horse has died, they get pushed to the limit then wipped like hell when they tire, all for sodding money. It is a disgrace and would love to whip them little sqirts that ride them.

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I am aware it is the day of the Grand National.

I don't wish to know what time it takes place, or anything about it.

It hadn't taken place at 16.00 re Medusa's message.

Hoping it has taken place now and I can ''open my eyes.''


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I hate it!

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But these horses wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for horse racing. They don't come about by a normal process but are bred from other top horses specifically for horse racing. Having a lot of horses in our family that we love we still accept that this happens, it might upset us when horses are injured and killed but never the less we understand the ins and outs and that they wouldn't be here without the sport. In addition to this the horses are really well looked after. They get daily exercise and get fed a great diet and overall get wrapped in cotton wool and looked after like royalty.

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It is still causing death to serve man's gratification.


Causing death to something that otherwise wouldn't exist in the first place if it wasn't for man's gratification. What is worse.....Not existing in the first place and not having the gift of life or Being brought into the world and living a fantastic lifestyle before unfortunately being killed in an accident?

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