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  1. As Joo Joo says, ''Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.'' After a wonderful long, happy marriage, I remarried. I don't assume everyone is alone because they have lost the love of their life, some may never had married, but life goes on. If one can't give their heart again, give time. If you DO, let's hear about it. My very best to you .
  2. GOSH!! I thought you didn't care.LOL. Dear friends, such a lot has happened. Living in Derbyshire now, but never forgot I'm a Yorkshire lass at heart. Francy, Jane, all my forum friends from years ago, (never forgetting dear old Rossy) and all of those never ''met'' I'm sending good wishes to you ALL.😘
  3. HERE I AM!! Dear, dear Forum friends. Are you there?
  4. Brain. ........ Hello everyone.x Francy. Jane.
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