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  1. A old brindle staffy has been found wandering on wesley avenue swallownest, it is being looked after at moment but warden coming tomorrow, if anyone has any info txt or call 07706263707, regards
  2. Depends where you are in sheffield, i could recommend a few places that nornal people wouldnt feel safe in bit depends who you are !
  3. Pants pulled down and how would you like it sir ???? Cannot understand why anyone would sell there car to people like we buy any car, they buy cheap and make a lot of money from people, its easy to sell a car and have sold loads !
  4. Yep as i do working on the new student buildings which is steady away on very good money without the hassles of people and domestic work. I dont blame people for not wanting domstic work as i dont want it ! what i will day is fear not as there are plenty of cheap unqualified people out there which will suit most !!
  5. As a tradesmen "plasterer" I personally don't do domestic work anymore as I find it a waste of time and money quoting. I used to do well out of house bashing but now find that everyone seems to be on the cheap and I'm not cheap but the job gets done right ! I comfortably earn a very good living without hassle on site so without the bull !
  6. Can think of many players who have thought how the hell is he a pro football player but big Dave is a awkward strong player that is good to have and to bring on late or to bring a different dynamic into a game.
  7. My preference would be somewhere close to where I live Not broomhill or crookes lmao
  8. Ha ha ha, to you, to me, to me, to you ! ?
  9. Really ? The majority wasn't in The first team hence the conclusion I'm at. People need to stop being so stupid trying to out without a fair go at it. Rome wasn't built in a day was it especially with depleted forces.
  10. But if the players that are being played aren't good enough then how can you judge.
  11. Paranormal aroma ? I get that after a curry ! ?
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