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Where can I get Scottish notes from

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I won't have a Scottish note, they're too hard to get rid of. They're not 'legal tender', by definition and that's the end of it. Can't argue with the Bank of England.


Therefore nobody has to accept non legal tender as settlement of debt, if you try and pay a restaurant bill with Scottish notes and you only offer Scottish notes, since they're not legal tender (As proven by the Bank of England), the restaurant can refuse and you could be a criminal for not paying your bill.




I was in Sheffield last Thur/Fri with £300s worth of Scottish notes and had no problems shifting them.

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I am after getting a £100 Scottish note. Is it as simple as going to RBS and asking for one?


I need to settle a bet and begrudgingly I will settle in the most annoying way I can.


I currently have a £100 note in my wallet. I tend to keep a cheeky note in the hidden part as my emergency money. Used to be a £50 note but when I found out about £100 notes when I moved to Glasgow I went and got a few.... well a few thousand worth. I only have the one now but its nice knowing its there as its enough to pay for a flight these days.

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Where on earth would take a Scottish £100 note, other than a bank or post office? A lot of shops are funny about taking English £50 ones.


I used £9000 worth of them to buy a car last year. Thru the guy them in an elastic band and he just looked at the pile then put them in his pocket. Some people are still trusting in this world.


Other than that I have used them to pay for fuel (in Scotland mind) yet to use one in England. And also used one to pay a car valeter £120 for a valet and body buff.


Yea you can't use them to buy a paper at the local shop but then they look at you funny for giving them a £20 note for that. Of course your not going to use one every transaction every day but you can use them. I use £50 notes all the time in England and have no issue at all.

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You realise it's an urban myth that Scottish notes are "legal tender" in England?


In some or many cases they are accepted but nobody is obliged to accept them.


Providing the word "sterling" features on the note then it is legal tender. So I was informed by the manager of an "English" bank.

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