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  1. Used to live in Norfolk and regularly went in his shop. Really nice guy, friendly and welcoming. Always busy but usually found a few minutes to chat. RIP
  2. Was at Hurlfield in the 60s and spent many a Friday afternoon in there. Much better than lessons. As I recall there was one decent table and all the rest had varying amounts of Sellotape on them plus quite a few of the balls had bits gouged out from bouncing about the floor. Happy days.
  3. Happy Birthday mum, Mary Burgin. Died in 1994 and would have been 105 today. Fondly remembered everyday. Lived all her life in the Park District on Duke Street and had a kind word to say to, or about, everyone she met.
  4. Jane Thorpe. Went to Manor Lane Infants school in the late 50s. Think she lived on Ingram Road. She was my "older woman", I was 7 she was 8.
  5. Admit I'm a sucker for Hammer Horror films. Embarrassed? No way. Why should I?
  6. No idea what his name was but we had a rag and bone man on Duke St. In Park District. Had a black and white horse and he always wore a red kneckerchief. Remember always getting pegs, balloons and a few cups and saucers.
  7. So very sad. A fixture on the wing, great dead ball expert, shot like a bullet. One of the best. RIP Woody.
  8. Providing the word "sterling" features on the note then it is legal tender. So I was informed by the manager of an "English" bank.
  9. Happy Birthday mum. Passed away 1994 and would have been 103 today. Mary Burgin, born and lived all her life in Park District. Lovely lady, think about her every day.
  10. I was at Hurlfield Boys on East Bank Road from 61/66. Used to live on Duke St near Park Baths, caught a bus to Manor Top then a walk through Arbourthorne Estate. After Hurlfield went to City Grammar, even further !
  11. Yep, agree entirely. They say memories fade with time. Don't know about you but it's not happening for me.
  12. Thanks, lovely sentiment. Lost my mum 20years ago, think about her everyday, a really special lady. Happy Mothers Day mum, Mary Burgin lived all her life in Park District.
  13. Just emailed the MP, hope everybody else does as well. Flood his inbox.
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