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  1. Try Swinton, some nice areas. Train station links to Doncaster, Leeds and Sheffield.
  2. I live in Rotherham, but the tools were stolen from the Fulwood area. The people who buy second hand tools are as bad as the thieves. Feel like I've been kicked in the stomach, I graft hard every day to provide for my family and this is all you get.
  3. Just had all my Bosch professional power tools stolen from my van in Stumpelowe Sheffield. Reported to police Please be aware tradesmen and look after your tools. Any information would be gratefully received. Usually they dump the boxes, so I would still be happy to get those back. Merry Christmas.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to add another virgin media hub to my system. I currently have the one supplied by virgin and would like another in another part of the house so I can hard wire my computer into it rather tahn being wi-fi. I have all of the relevant cables in situ. Will any router work or does it have to be a virgin one? My current router has all the security codes on it etc... so is adding another possible? Thanks in advance, hope this makes sense
  5. Thanks Dan, You're right, fully booked up for this year, taking bookings for Feb 2019 though :hihi::hihi:
  6. It seems we're all the same, may as well do the work yourselves. :hihi:
  7. A good old fashioned plunger usually does the trick. Be careful with crystals, i've known them solidify like cement in the trap, causing no end of problems. My trusty plunger has earned me a few bob over the years
  8. If only the things he was delivering had little wheels and a way of propelling themselves, he could unload them somewhere more satisfactory. If only..... :hihi:
  9. Not a roundabout but the crossroads. Caused a major tailback as I was sat in it. Transporter parked on double yellows very close to traffic lights. Very annoying
  10. There are hundreds of different valves for taps etc... no one running a store would be able to stock every one.
  11. I don't know of anywhere that sells these off the shelf, I always order online for spares.
  12. Google, "mini rester" i've fitted a few and they seem to work. Can be loads of different things, but more than often its unclipped pipework.
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