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  1. Happy to help, I have 20 hotspots now, some in Sheffield. DM me or message me on 07909 842848
  2. Did you get your Helium Miner delivered? More than happy to share knowledge and expertise
  3. Hi, Is there anywhere in Sheffield or nearby that manufactures glasses while you wait or the same day? I can order online, but don't want to trust postage at this time of year. Thanks
  4. In my original post I mentioned that Sheffield had 4 hotspots on the network, this is now over 30 and growing daily. Any of those people on here?
  5. Sad news, he certainly made my childhood an enjoyable one.
  6. Hi, Welcome to the party. We have a local facebook group of miners in Yorkshire, we aim to help each other out and maximise our earnings. If you want to send me a friend request (Sam Lovatt), I'll invite you. Its a good community, all very helpful. My two units are up and running with external antennas. Couldn't have put it better myself. If i am honest, if you're not tech savvy, then this probably isn't for you.
  7. There is a 12-20 week waiting list for the bobcat miners, others are available, mine are due to be shipped in October, so still waiting. The price of HNT is doing very well, however, earnings are dropping due to more people coming onto the network, still worth doing but not as lucrative as it used to be. Sheffield is getting a few more hotspots, when I started there was only 4!
  8. Thanks, there a few people looking to place hotspots in Sheffield. I am in a group with several people in South Yorkshire, we are hoping to help each other out over the coming year by carefully placing hotspots to maximise profit
  9. I'm paying a proportion of my rewards to people who agree to host a hotspot. Everyone I have approached so far is well keen on the idea. They are essentially getting paid to do nothing. The word has spread to friends and now people are asking me to site one at their house. Its actually proving easier than I thought to place them. I have preferred locations for the first 20. IoT - Internet of things is what uses the network, low power and data using items, like pet collars, fitness trackers, gas and electricity meters, smart bikes etc.... the list is quite long Coinbase doesn't support HNT at the moment, only Binance Yes, then every 2 years. Generally a halving decreases supply, so hopefully the price will eventually increase which would cancel out the halving. Hopefully, nothing is certain Good luck with it, happy to help with any advice, I am by no means an expert, just learning as I go along. Coinbase is no good as they don't support HNT at the moment, however you can use them to buy your miner with USDC. You will need Binance if you want to trade and sell your HNT. Maybe Coinbase will support it in the future
  10. I'm budgeting on each miner earning in the region of 50 HNT a month. I have a detailed plan on where I am placing them to gain the most rewards. Its the placement that is key from what I understand. The best thing about a clean map is that at the moment I can dictate the location of each hotspot. If they are too close together then rewards are reduced. You see in some cities there are hotspots on the same street, their rewards are not great I haven't got a Bobcat one yet to compare it to my Nebra, but yes the antenna is slightly more powerful on the Bobcat. I have also purchased a 5dbi antenna for my house, so hopefully I will be able to reach a bit further. I have been in the crypto world for several years so payment via USDC was not a problem. All miners seem to be made in China even the Nebra ones, They ship worldwide. Should get my full allocation by October hopefully. Nebra are experiencing many problems at the moment as they don't seem to be handling the volume of sales very well, Bobcat seem more organised. Yeah the Bobcats stock antenna is more powerful. What I have read is that a more powerful antenna is not always the best way to go, depends on your topography and buildings etc.... Elevated positions are best.
  11. I've ordered 2 Nebra units, one has arrived and the other is due shortly. I have also ordered 40 Bobcat miners as they are the only ones available at the moment. 12-20 weeks delivery. I have also seen the ones for sale on ebay, personally I see more value in using them for the purpose they were designed for. The quick buck attitude is not for me. Hold your breath
  12. Thanks pal. the cost of electricity is minimal, they only run off 5W, unlike Bitcoin miners which need a small hydro dam to power them. The miners themselves are £300, so not a major outlay. Looking forward to the challenge
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