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Should diesel vehicles be banned from the city centre?

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In some poluted cities diesel vehicles are banned, others are imposing polution charges.




Should diesels be banned in Sheffield city centre?


"Motorists driving diesel cars will be forced to pay extra or banished from city centres altogether to tackle the growing problem of air pollution.


An extra £10 would have to be paid by nearly all diesel vehicle drivers under plans being drawn up by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.


The fee would be on top of the congestion charge for the centre of the capital - raising the cost of a journey to £20.


Other cities are also looking at ways to cut fumes to meet European rules.


Mr Johnson - who launches an ‘air quality manifesto’ today - will also urge the Government to raise road tax on diesel cars to push motorists towards cleaner vehicles.


The £10 fee would come into play in 2020.


Labour has also drawn up plans which includes a national network of low emissions zones - forcing older diesel vehicles out of many cities.


The idea is being considered by Sheffield, Leicester, Bradford, Birmingham, Bristol and 15 other cities.


About 29,000 deaths a year are caused by air pollution in Britain."

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No. Cut down on traffic lights. Stop start stop start stop,,,,,,,,,,,,,start!

We have way too many, they dont help traffic flow one bit and with all the extra revving brought about by all the stop starting makes pollution far worse than it needs to be.

They (traffic lights) also cost a fortune to buy put in place and maintain.

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I went into town for the first time in months and having immune system issues, noticed how polluted it was near Devonshire Green, I felt pretty bad when I got home.Diesel emissions seems to be not just a killer, but can make day to day life pretty unpleasant too. Though, taxis, etc were encouraged to go diesel and it seem unfair to penalise them, but something has to be done.

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My car is a diesel and emits less emissions the most petrol engines. For it's MOT it needs revving hard to get a reading on the emissions machine. Lots of diesels these days are clean.

The shops might struggle also as every delivery van/truck are diesel.

Here's my argument, what will the government do if we all go out and buy a small car that is free to tax?

They'll have to tax other things more to balance the budget. Look at the tax money they've lost from people stopping smoking therefore adding it on to other things (fuel, food etc) to balance it up.

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Will this include buses, lorries delivering goods or just car drivers who were conned into buying diesel cars? It will be another nail in city centres. Of course Sheffield will jump on the bandwagon, anything to fleece the motorist.

I don't suppose pollution is caused by the constant stopping/starting waiting in traffic jams etc. caused by the inept planners?

Another stupid idea from out of touch politicians.

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I drive a Motability car and was given no choice when ordering the car about whether to have a petrol or diesel model because Motability decide which cars they prefer on the leasing scheme so none of the petrol models were available. It is, however, a newer and very efficient diesel model, one of the ones that stops the engine when you're at tick over on standstill at traffic lights or in queues, and which has a whole selection of other energy saving things installed.


If I was unable to drive into the city centre I would not be able to use the city centre at all. I cannot walk from home to the bus or tram stop in order to get from home by public transport.

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According to the Transport for London site

"Car or small van (Diesel)

Euro 6

If you currently have a diesel car or small van, it will not meet the ULEZ standards.


All cars and small vans manufactured from September 2015 will meet the standards.


A small number of vehicles manufactured up to a year earlier than September 2015 will meet the ULEZ standards."



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