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  1. Treeton terriers under 16s players wanted especially Goal keeper. Training Wednesdays 6:30pm at Treeton cricket club Washfield lane S60 5PU. Or contact Dane on 07522431006
  2. Mate as a licenced firearm owner you should know that a statement like that could make you an ex licence owner
  3. Sadly not. It's been on the star website, Facebook groups and twitter but nobody has got in touch
  4. Hi I've just tweeted it on their page. Thanks.
  5. Small dog found in smelter woods between handsworth and Stradbroke it's safe at my sisters house has anybody lost one.
  6. Hi I have one if your still in need of one. My son would probably be ok to help. PM me if you still can't find it.
  7. I'd be fuming too pal, surly It should be dealt with as an assault! that's a serious offence no matter what the age. Hope your lad is ok and you get It sorted, There really is some scum about and some bullies will find anything to target someone different to themselves. They're not real owls they're just idiots
  8. Fly Agaric Fairy Tail by John Richards, on Flickr
  9. I thought this was a wind up until i saw one too today, Lucky for me my other half had her camera. I couldn't actually measure it from the position it was in but It was huge. Here's the pic http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii269/johnowls/giant%20ant_zps5tnz6zxc.jpg
  10. Electric City by John Richards, on Flickr Victoria quays Sheffield by John Richards, on Flickr
  11. I have a few cameras but i bought a nikon p900 They're £500 has a built in lens that ranges from 18mm up to the equivalent of 2000mm Its fantastic for getting close to wildlife. I know its a bit pricey but if i were to buy a lens with this capabilities for my canon 70d it would be thousands. heres a video with some sample photos i did
  12. Anybody that missed it The Spirit of Great Britain by John Richards, on Flickr
  13. Thanks, are you shooting on A (auto) mode? What exactly do you mean 'flat'? if you mean colour wise you can turn the in camera saturation and vibrancy up a little.
  14. Have you got the right lens as it's still £235 on amazon and £250 at jessops. it is the sp version comes with a five year tamron warranty. I also I use a sigma 30m f1.4 art It's a lovely solid built lens that equals to about 45mm on a crop sensor, A 50mm lens on a crop works out about 75mm. Christopher Frost on youtube does great reviews on these lenses and many more. An easy way to work out what a lens will be roughly equivalent to on a apsc crop sensor is take the focal length and half it so say 50mm halved is 25 then add the original length back on, So 50mm halved is 25 then add 50 = 75mm.
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