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  1. Just a question, why are sellers allowed to withhold feedback until they have received it FIRST, If the payment went through and you paid promptly there is no reason for not leaving good feedback as soon as the payment has gone through. I've stopped leaving feedback now if this occurs as I'm fed up with it. In fact e/bay should automatically award it.
  2. Am I mistaken about it being a "Call back" service coming in? No! and the time I quoted was based I my personal time, which happens to be in line with independent assessments. Misinformed, I think not.
  3. Grow up!! I gave up after 10/12 minutes because I was out in the street, the 6 kids could see me on my mobile, and it was ******* down with rain. now drop the subject (Mr policeman)
  4. Not at all, but i've phoned 101 on occasion over the years, the last time about 12 month ago Waited 10/12 minutes then gave up, like a lot of people who try to report a crime or anti social behaviour.
  5. I did have a job in a joinery shop which doubled as a funeral directors, and made many a coffin, some of oak, but most for cremation and being chipboard. notice they never use the handles on the coffin at a cremation , they won't take the weight.
  6. For a cremation they are generally made of veneered chipboard, and the nice shiny handles are plastic.
  7. RESPECT i understand and admire, but this is what the funeral directors rely on. for me, use a wheelbarrow and save a grand, i would like respect while I'm alive, not when I'm dead. it's too late then, and to be honest I'll be laughing my head off seeing my body trundled to the crematorium in a barrow.
  8. As I understand it, the new system will take your number and they then phone you back, when ? I don't know, but this does seem a bit of a cop out to me - cutting waiting times by taking your number and phoning you back.
  9. The cooler is a Zalman and only has the one 4 pin connector, having two years to think about it I am wondering if I put the reset cable in back to front ie: + to - and vice versa . mentally I can't do it, I've been leaving it and leaving it thinking I'll have the patients to finish, but I have to concede defeat after this length of time. I've built 3 others before so the Knowledge is there but not the patience. it would need picking up from S9 close to prince of Wales rd. £50.00 + would be worth it to me, just to get it working. I believe i tested the temp. of the cpu and it was ok working well. but it's a long time ago.
  10. I built a computer about two years ago, had it up and running with Win 10 Pro, shortly after it developed a fault where it would power down every 10/15 minutes, as if the re start button was being used, anyway I un- installed windows and stripped it down with the intentions of re building, that was two years ago, most of it is back together, but ill health has stopped me completing it, it just sits here doing nowt. I'd like someone to put it back together for me, clear any fault it may have. The Mother board, cpu ( 8 core 4.00Ghz ) and the liquid cooler are the only things I know that haven't got a problem so will not need removing. Anyone fancy the job? I don't expect anyone doing it for free. lol and a rough quote would be nice. Thanks
  11. I have the form here, but have yet to send it back (I've had it over a year, a bit like tempting fate lol) Remember, now the law has changed you will HAVE TO OPT out of "Organ transplant" to prevent your organs being used if you wanted to use the service.
  12. You can of course donate your body to science, where, after a number of years you will be buried free of charge. The problem with this is YOU (the body) must be whole, so you can't donate as much as a eye lash to anyone on the transplant list or they will not except you, and the problem with that is it means fewer organs available for transplant? I believe if you allow your organs to be used in a transplant the government should at least offer you the benefit of a free basic funeral, most will not use it, but others who have not signed up for organ transplant may change their minds, there by increasing the number of organs available ........... On the black market in the US one Kidney is going for $160,000 - just a bit more than the cost of a basic funeral don't you think?
  13. I was wondering what to do with the Blue box the council left me with due to the "Bin changing exercise" now I know - https://wildlifegardenproject.com/portfolio/how-to-help-hedgehogs-in-your-garden/ buying some cat food next.
  14. 98p a piece here - https://www.thelightbulb.co.uk/100watt-bc-b22-bayonet-cap-pearl-rough-service
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