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  1. The company has got worse over the years. Recently got a quote and the salesman get pushy and then rude because I wouldn't commit - look at Companies House to see their dubious history, beware!
  2. I went to some trouble to find a sound breeder who is experienced and knows her dogs. I have had the Schnoodle for nearly a year and she is one of the best dogs I've ever had - love her to bits! Good advice above to make avoid the puppy farms at all costs.
  3. Does anyone know of a keep fit class for over 50's which is held on either a Thursday or Friday in either south Sheffield or the town centre
  4. My daughter has just completed her GCSE's and is considering her future plans/choices for A Levels. She has always expressed an interest in medicine but has recently been considering law. Is there anyone working or studying in medicine or law who could give her an insight into either of these careers? if so, please get in touch
  5. Many thanks to Sheffield Metal Detecting Club - 100% success record maintained!
  6. anyone know of a music teacher in Sheffield who can do GCSE music theory?
  7. Dutch, many thanks - that makes sense Mosby
  8. Just lost my wedding ring in the garden - has anyone got a metal detector to help me find it please? I live in Mosborough
  9. The garden is getting too much for my aged Father in Law and we need someone to occasionally tidy his garden. I wondered if anyone can recommend someone in the Handsworth area who does this sort of work?
  10. Some interesting comments here and many thanks does anyone have an answer to my original question? regards
  11. Thanks that's really good advice I've been thinking about a dog for ages - I was introduced to a Schnoodle last week and she stole my heart. I realise there are no guarantees and as you point out it's not a straight forward purchase (and expensive)
  12. ccit thanks again - the Schnoodle suits me in terms of size, coat and the combination of the Schnauzer and Poodle traits. As you point out there is no guarantees as this is a cross-breed. Furthermore, people are making a 'quick buck' by breeding mongrels, which at least is annoying. Thanks for the information.
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