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  1. Hate to say it but good result for Wednesday that.
  2. Tonight my 10yr old was attacked for wearing his United shirt. Now I know we all think the sun shines out of our kids backsides but in this case it's true. The few lads on here who know me will know how soft my son is, unlike me he's polite well behaved and very respectful. Well the last few days my son has had some older lads abusing him and his friend for wearing his United shirts, he was playing football and the last few nights they have been shouting the usual things like pig and wawaw and so on. Anyway at he just ignores it and tells me when he returns home and we just laugh it off has banter. Around tea time they decided to go one further and one decided run up behind him and booted him a few times! These lads are all in high school and my lad primary, Anyway my 10yr old was with his 8yr old sister so he was attacked repeatedly by one certain kid backed up by a 13yr old and 2 other lads. The 13yr old instigator was abusing him about United and saying he gonna cry! When my lad said no he was punched in the face! He set off running with his sister only to be caught up and punched in the eye and kicked while crying and his sister hysterical. Luckily I don't allow them to go far so it was just round corner otherwise it could have been a lot worse. I'm still steaming about this but how can it not be safe to allow your kids out wearing a footy shirt? I know it's nothing to do with Sheffield Wednesday or any of the normal fans but come on they are kids for Christ sake! To make matters worse the police have said if they have no previous they will get away with a warning which again got me fuming but that's another story. I honestly can't sleep because I'm that mad, I honestly am flabbergasted that a 10yr old would get attacked just for supporting his team and wearing his shirt. Sorry for the rant. Yes not a bitch about Wednesday either who I must begrudgingly say got a decent result tonight.
  3. I don't think people are anywhere near as friendly to when I first came to live here over 10yrs ago, however I work at Sheffield Uni and the one thing students say is how friendly people are in Sheffield, the international students can't praise Sheffield people enough.
  4. While none of us can really know what happened I would put my life that it never happened the way it's been explained. I drove buses in Sheffield a while ago and the passengers are a different breed! A passenger will always say one story yet when the company check the cameras its turns out to be completely different, oh and they record what's said to. These complaints happen all the time and 99.9% it's turns out the kids missed the bus or they have told porkies to stay out later. I sometimes wonder how gullible some people can be.
  5. I have spaces available on an organised coach to wembley for the FA cup semi final 13th April £27 per person Leaving from Carlton Rd Worksop 8am and also collecting from Manor Top Sheffield 8.30am Please email manorblade@aol.com to book on Only 8 places left now. Can also contact on 07828711877
  6. I have spaces available on an organised coach to wembley for the FA cup semi final 13th April £27 per person Leaving from Carlton Rd Worksop 8am and also collecting from Manor Top Sheffield 8.30am Please email manorblade@aol.com to book on
  7. Yes I do because last week around 40 EDL members came and because the UAF stopped them and actually destroyed flowers that had already been laid it made the EDL come out in force this week to support the rejected handful from last week. So rather than allow 40! It ended up 6/700
  8. Maybe you was one of 3 "bearded Muslims that apologised for the behaviour of a group of around 40 asian/Somalian men who tried to set upon 3 of us walking towards town?? I have no doubt you will say you never saw this, from what I saw today people from both groups should be ashamed especially the gang of young Asians who thought attacking anything white was a given right! Luckily this group was being followed by 6/7 older asian men who tried to keep some sort of control and respect. They should have allowed the EDL to put the flowers down last week and this would not of happened. Don't believe hardly anything the Star print because its lies! I heard a few chants by the EDL about Allah that were bang out of order but saw about 4/5 making nazi signs not the 6/700 that have been reported. The UAF are a disgrace and did nothing but cause trouble most of the afternoon. Yes the EDL are a national disgrace just like hate preachers and mislim Extremists oh and mosque leaders who allow hate to be preached and only condemn any action after its to late. The British government are causing groups like the EDL to pop up by not dealing with issues that are being caused by haters on both sides. I take pity on you sir and your lack of condemnation of any wrong doings by Muskims today.
  9. You talk absolute nonsense! Dj4 you are a bigger fool than Mel. The manor is not crime ridden at all and if your cousin was a police officer he would inform you that the Manor has made massive strides in reducing crime and sits way below Parsons Cross, Shirecliffe, Pitsmoor, Wybourn and Arbourthorne so get your facts right! How anyone can pull the manor down from Pitsmoor is beyond me, pitsmoor is the most violent area in sheffield and a hub for most of sheffields gangs and drug battles. Can you please tell us all the last time we had a shooting or any serious violent crime in sheffields worse area? Please tell me? Shall I tell you the area that breeds gun crime in sheffield? Gang murders? Drug wars? Shall I go on? In the past the manor was a really bad area and although not perfect still carries the reputation from times gone by and whenever anyone in sheffield gets dragged down they all drag the Manor and people on it down to keep themselves afloat. The roughest area on the manor is Manor park centre and after 9pm you don't see anyone. I'm not from Sheffield originally but the way Sheffielders deflect the blame is unreal.
  10. Yes I would also say Parkside! I used Quarry for years until they charged me for a new part and when car went in for MOT day after it turned out to be used knackered part, not used them since.
  11. Born in down the road in Worksop, moved back and forth between sheffield and Worksop then moved away again to Biddulph Staffordshire. Been back almost 10yrs both kids born in sheffield. My heart's always been in sheffield. Sorry for life story lol
  12. Firstly, paul i hope you get this sorted mate because it's an absolut disgrace that this thing is being allowed to happen and i truly hope that it ends soon. Iamchichi i have read all your post's and i agree with what your saying and ignore the moron trying to say thing's that you clearly do not mean, look at some of his other posts and you will understand. Now the Police? how will we know who is telling the truth? i for one will not take the side of the police because they are not all innocent like they will have you think. I also know that not all officers are bad and do a decent job. Maybe the Police could comment on which officer that stole my tax disc from the compound and cashed it in? took me over 2yrs to find out where it got stolen from, it was cashed in and let's say the Police and the dvla have tried like mad to cover up who it is and although i have made numerous payments over the yrs for imformation that normally one could get within weeks. I will not stop until the police come clean. The story above is just to let you know that the sun does not shine out the Police backside and that they are not always to be trusted.
  13. I think Kids that age are not allowed to play competetive football because of F.A rules (may have changed), My son is 5 and a superb footballer for his age but we dont moind waiting 2 more yrs. You should take him up to the transport club at Meadowhead at 9am on a saturday morning, the coaches are good and the grouops they play in are pretty small. They satrt with ball skills then onto shooting,passing and finish with a game. I will warn you to stay away from Sheffield United academy!! my son at 5 was put in groups with 8-9yrs old's, the group's had way to many kids for the coaches and you will be lucky in your son get's 5mins attention or proper support from the coach, When they played games at the end my son was just stood watchinh because all the kids were twice his size and twice has strong. I took out after a few weeks because it was an absoloute waste of time and money, the guy who my son goes with now is miles better than any coach i have seen at United but that's probably to do with the amount of kids they have at United.
  14. Shame that almost everywhere in the clip seemed run and outdated. Like someone said above Top Gear has that tongue in cheek feel about it and i am sure that no offence was meant. Really funny watching it.
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