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Would you make the toughest choice..

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I'm a girl :)


So your first name isn't Dave ? :huh:


I am a girl too and everyone seems to assume I am male on here!


Should have used a girls name and an even girlier avatar then :hihi:


And put some love and pink in your sig too!

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I agree, women should confirm to the stereotype darnit ;)


On topic though: I think it is incredibly brave to openly discuss it, it is one of those taboos that needs eradicating. My mother's side has had problems with ovarial cancer throughout (although I don't think it is the same as with A. Jolie) and she had her uterus and so on (sorry, I am no medical expert) removed at 32 or 33 if I remember, this happened after a spotcheck revealed there already might be a growth and it came as a complete shock, yet it turned out that upon enquiring it ran in the family: Nobody had discussed it!


It is the same as John Hartson and his campaign to make men aware of testicular cancer and the need to check every so often, if nobody talks about it, how would we (I am a man ;) ) know?

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