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  1. Does anyone who is turning the Christmas lights on tommrow in city centre?
  2. That's what I'm saying by marlarki crap...,,,,,,,,
  3. Anyone know which family law solicitors would be recommended??? Someone that means business and not this marlarki crap.
  4. I know its not sheffield related but heard theres been an accident involving a young biker who got killed straight under a car rotherham been closed off and buses been diverted.
  5. Saw an apache helicopter Today flying over Darnall heading towards rotherham
  6. You wouldn't be saying that if it was your son say if he did that get a life.
  7. A boy of who sent a naked photograph of himself to a girl at school has had the crime of making and disturbing indecent images recorded against him by police wtf???? Hes only 14 for heaven sake I think the police went too far as kids can be kids, his name will be based on database and can effect him finding work.
  8. A job is a job at end of day as long as it pays good money x
  9. I tend to get a court order with help from the children's social worker hes a terrible father he doesnt put their needs first but himself basically he prefers to sleep around and not think what impact it ll have on the kids rumors going round already regarding him wont be long before it gets to my daughter from her friends at school and im thinking of my and kids respect
  10. How do I go about changing my childrens surname to mine I dont want my children to have their dad surname hes never been there for them growing up he was always on his computer 24 7 hes always put his needs before the kids while I took care of them I want them to have my surname.
  11. Ok cheers still feel uncertain where do I go to get info clinic in sheffield?
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