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  1. They should have left it as a Rock Bar was very popular and me and my mates loved it in there. I went in once after it changed hands not keen on real ale myself so wasn't much for me to drink but there was no atmosphere at all dull as ditchwater! No wonder it died a death.
  2. I was in Liverpool last week and although I am impressed with how they have done up their centre we were constantly harassed by beggars, I have never been anywhere where there seem to be so many people sleeping rough even more than London so I feel that not everything in Liverpool is great.
  3. I wonder love the gold taxi its given me and my daughter a good laugh every time we have driven passed brightens our day up!
  4. Very sad saw him a couple of times in the 90's loved his Metal Fatigue Album RIP
  5. I had an afghan coat I got mine from Pippy's as well think they were the only place to go! I wore it for about 4 years I think it stank in the end I used to put it on the floor in the Wap and it was covered in beer by the end! I don't know what happened to it!
  6. Its definitely been longer than 4 years since they brought it in not sure how long ago though at first it was horrific the bin waggons couldn't get down the roads because of inconsiderate parking, it is much better now apart from a few numpties. I would still vote no because even though there are some drawbacks I am a big believer that people need to park somewhere and you can't keep moving the problem on from one area to another. The council need to consider this when they keep putting these restricted areas up, there needs to be more areas with affordable parking not less.
  7. We were consulted about 4 years ago I think trying to remember now I voted no as I have friends in other parking schemes who wish they had never voted for them and why should we have to pay to park on our own streets. We don't mind people parking but I have to say a lot of people do park inconsiderately right on junctions making it very hard to see when your pulling onto the main road.
  8. December 63 (Oh What a Night) The Four Seasons Reminds me of school, and church discos in the mid to late 70' s where it always seemed to get played and my best friend who absolutely loved this song, happy memories of what seemed endless carefree and fun days!
  9. Of course you are right and I think my daughter was probably unlucky, she is now very happy in Glasgow so its worked out well for her.
  10. I know its your daughter's choice ultimately but my daughter did last year at Liverpool and hated it, she was attacked in a nightclub by two women and then was walking home one night (even after I had advised against it) and a car pulled over and 4 lads tried to abduct her luckily a passer by came to her aid. She refused to go back after Easter and has now started a new course in Glasgow which by the way she loves! I know many a student go there and probably have a lovely time.
  11. Yes I loved Ibiza didn't think I would but there you go, Ground Zero was brilliant highlight of the night dancing to Rammstein with a group of Germans we were the last to be partied out!
  12. I highly doubt Sheffield is third, try driving anywhere in the area of London and boy that's what I call road rage. Cars constantly pull out on you from side roads, if you take longer than a second to set off from a set of lights your beeped at, if the car behind you thinks you are wrong to keep to the speed limit they will beep you. If they think they can cut you up at any time they will (their speciality being on roundabouts cutting you off from the inside lane). So no I wouldn't put Sheffield anywhere near as bad.
  13. My dog for a start she's a Bullmastiff and they are not built for long distance running I can tell you probably because the are extremely heavy dogs and its not good at all for their joints etc
  14. Mine used to do it all the time every walk drove me mad but she seems to have grown out of it a bit, don't get me wrong she still does it. the worst had to be when she rolled in a big fat sloppy pile of horse poo and I had to put her in the car like that urgh I swear there were flies buzzing round her!
  15. I still have my hedges and leave everything pretty wild and overgrown and I get plenty of birds the sparrows just love hedges they are all in there early in the morning, I love watching them. My neighbour keeps on at me to get rid of the hedges but no way.
  16. I think it depends on each child I used to be left at home all day during the school holidays to look after my younger sister from about the age of 11 and many of my school friends were left at that age as well. Not surprisingly we all survived into adult hood!
  17. No absolutely not convinced if your nice you will always be nice whether religious or not on the other hand religion often seems to attract nasty people who can do horrible things but feel they can justify it due to their religion. You dont need a religion to be nice and helpful personally I think if you need religion to tell you that then your probably not that nice in the first place!
  18. Really you think that Sheffield drivers are worse than in London, I can't see it personally yes I agree there are plenty of moronic drivers but London is awful at least in Sheffield you dont get people on the inside of roundabouts cutting in front of you at the last minute trying to beat you. The idiots down south that if you are taking your time over speed bumps start beeping their horn because your not going fast enough! Oh and not forgetting that you dont wait for someone to let you out of a side road you just drive out and hope that someone stops in time before hitting you!
  19. I love Sheffield lived here all my life but I have to say the job situation is dire and I feel sorry for anyone looking, my daughter is in Liverpool at the moment at uni and looked on the job sites there for temp work, I was astonished at the abundance and variety available against Sheffield no wonder it came 2nd on the list.
  20. They are very stubborn and give great dirty looks but also very lazy they dont need walking too far and dont walk your puppy very far as it can cause damage as they grow! They are basically big slobbery lap dogs and love their cuddles also watch very carefully what toys you give him and food etc they are very good at swallowing things whole!
  21. I dont know who has decided on these changes but where they got this logic from no idea my route 97/98 are now the no 20 20/20A are now no's 97/98 why not just leave the numbers the same!!
  22. My condolences to the family RIP. As other people have mentioned Ican't begin to imagine how his family must feel. My daughter has gone off to Liverpool University this year and wanted to take her bike with her but I was not keen and put her off think its even more dangerous if they dont know the roads not that in this case that seems to be the cause.
  23. I agree its the most disgusting drink I have ever tasted the name makes it sound lovely I think they should be fined for misrepresentation!
  24. I saw that obviously not that scared and worried for their lives enough to want to live anywhere that will have them. Also others showing photos of their families they have left behind if its that bad you wouldn't just leave your family to fend for themselves while you trotted off abroad!
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