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House sale advice req

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Anyone on here sold their house without using an estate agent?


If so, how did you go about it and how did you check the legitimacy of a potential purchaser?


Don't really want to pay an estate agent ££££ for doing little or nothing.



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There are two options.


1. You can have each prospective purchaser (PP) checked-out by your solicitor.


2. You can DiY.


Points to note:

A. Verify each PPs ID/address.

B. Obtain full information re whether each PP is linking it to:

a. mortgage funding, secured on this or another property; and

b. sale of existing property.

C. Do not always assume that you are being told the truth. Seek adequate evidence, e.g. from PP's own solicitor.

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We did the whole thing ourselves (selling and conveyancing) many years ago using Bradshaw's Guide. We obtained the documents from Campo Lane - can't remember the exact name of the place although I am sure someone can step in and advise on that. Might have been Oyez Stationers or something similar.


Anyway, we made a board and stuck it in the garden and I can't remember if we advertised it in the local paper, although I recall putting an ad in the local shops. However, that is an awful long time ago when properties were easier to sell and there didn't seem to be so many scammers about. It does seem that estate agents do very little for a lot of money but if it is a good agency and you use their skills properly then they are a useful go between. They can also assist a potential purchaser in obtaining mortgage advice. Your house is your greatest asset (in many cases) and it is important to get the sale of it right. We successfully completed the whole transaction and saved a lot of money but I am not sure that I would do it again.

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It will need more than a board in the garden these days. A lot of house searching is done on line with Rightmove, Primelocation etc. so if you want people to find it that's where it needs to be. Correct valuation of your property is key. Using Mouseprice, Rightmove etc. you can find out what houses on your road actually sold for, rather than what they are advertised at. Due to the mortgage situation, depending on the type of house, expect interest from property investors who will put in speculative low offers but are in a position to buy. I have been selling a perfectly good family house in a West Yorkshire village through an estate agent for 6 months, followed by two months on on-line auction at a considerably reduced starting price, and have had only a handful of viewings and no proceedable offers. So on that basis, why not have a go at selling it yourself first.

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Whitehornes charged us £999 all in ours sold with Whitehornes. They are some other new agents out there a lot cheaper than the big boys. Have aloof into if you can advertise privately on rightmove as this is where most people look as you can view all sales not just one agent.

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