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  1. Fiesta came through from myrtle turned right where you shouldn't as tandem came from the opposite direction and hit the windscreen both cyclist seriously injured it was very gruesome and serious I hope they ended up ok.
  2. Or maybe a pop gazebo ? Starting at £40 up to £500 depending on build quality etc then at least it's up to if you want to use it ?
  3. Be very wary of these buying links and likes companies they can actually damage your sites rankings as google etc know you are just buying them, You are just getting numbers not people who are interested it what you have to offer it will not increase your sales doing it. Start by inviting all your friends and asking them to share with their friends post engaging articles or great art pictures and ask people to share it. I challenge you to offer a free print competition when you get to a 1000 likes and shares. Star it off around your friends and it will grow. I bet this will cost less and generate more revenue as you are drawing in likes from people that want your product Let me know the outcome pls
  4. Wickes do a take away range which you could get for £1000 but then we have just done a wren one that was £4k similar size it all depends on the style and quality you go for. It's like asking how much a car is different makes different costs. Set yourself a budget for the project and stick to it but make sure you take in to account pulling the old one out and the plaster falling off, electrics and plumbing they may need moving. Make sure the fitting quote covers alterations to services if needed Hope this helps
  5. Single garages usually start at £40 a month £100 sounds a bit steep? But it is s11. You can try for somewhere bigger and share the space in a commercial unit ?
  6. Paint, some rubber matting or Lino ?? As above laminate may swell you can always cover it with a Dpm paint to stop damp from below ?
  7. I've also worked in lots of them if its 120 the boundary has had it cos of the weight at the back
  8. Clearly the vendor hasn't watched phil Spencer's secret agent with those colours.
  9. How far up did you go? To be honest surveyors over play to cover their own backs we are incredibly busy at the minute but there is a good sparky on woodseats rd called nilec give him a call for the cert Hope it all goes well
  10. Indian stone is a cheaper alternative I would say to steer away from what are known as thins 18-22mm we only use the normal size which is 22mm -38mm or check out limestone. Cunningham have all sorts of reclaimed granite block etc Our gallery has lots of patios laid to get an idea of what things look like
  11. That is a really cheap price £21 a metre we couldn't cover materials for that? What make was the grass? The grass we use is grono which is one if the best we have seen but its nearly 20 a metre for the grass but is really life like.
  12. Another against I'm afraid we have fitted in several student lets I think it looks cheap can't beat a nice tile go see Andy at terra firma he has some bargains in
  13. You may not be allowed to touch the tree if you are in a conservation area
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