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  1. Try B Hotel on the plaza de espana, got an amazing rooftop pool with great views
  2. Is it the dog's name tattooed on his arm?
  3. Agree with the above, i recently sold my property through hatched.co.uk I found them really helpful and provided everything I needed, the majority of people buying a house now will look online. And the cost is so much cheaper compared to high street agents.
  4. Try a website called lang 8, it's a language exchange where you can learn from native speakers of your preffered language
  5. I got a 6 tonne skip from KCM in Rotherham, it was £120
  6. Yep same here, I recently sold a property through hatched. They are easy to contact, helpful and friendly.You receive good information about viewings / offers and they make it easy to arrange viewings. The only thing you really miss out on is adverts in shop windows and newspapers but I would say the majority of people looking for a new home would be looking online nowadays anyway. Go for it.
  7. Hello All I am in the process of buying a house and there has been a water leak on the rear bay window, I think this is do to it needing refelting and / or reflashing. Anybody had this done or got an idea of how much it might cost to get this done? I'm not sure of the measurements of the bay but it's fairly small. Cheers
  8. Consider an online agent, they use all the big property websites and charge a fraction of the price of the high street agents. I would recommend hatched, I have used them they have been very helpful
  9. I have had a 90% LTV mortgage with first direct accepted last week, they have competitive rates but also you can make unlimited overpayments. This can reduce the time you pay back the mortgage and interest you will pay drastically.
  10. Depends on a number of variables, I would find out how long it has been on the market and try and find out from the agent if there has been much interest, any offers and how keen they are to sell. If there havent been many viewings and the place has been on the market for a while make a cheeky offer, they can only say no. And that way you will be able to gauge how much they are really wanting.
  11. Hello All I have recently viewed a property which has the bathroom through one of the bedrooms. We have some ideas for changing the layout so you can access the bathroom without going through the bedroom. Has anyone got experience of taking a builder / architect with them on a viewing to get a free consultation / quote? I have never done this before and don't want to commit to the property before I know we can make the changes we want to. Thanks
  12. I lived in Clifton growing up for over ten years, yes it is on the cusp of a couple of unsavoury areas but you don't get too many shady characters around tbh and it is fairly quiet. If this is something that bothers you why not consider Broom, its not far from Clifton, easily accessible to town not near any dodgy areas and there seems to be quite a few properties for sale atm although I don't know what your budget is.
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