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  1. A new build should not need a homebuyers survey as everything is new. It should come with a NHBC guarantee. If you have a mortgage it will need a valuation, which should be done before you exchange as otherwise you could be in a position where the lender does not lend as much as you need. The lender will often organise the valuation so speak to them.
  2. Here’s a suggestion, but it is not based on having to deal with this situation. As your tenant has moved out you could change your supplier and ask for a normal meter to be installed. Then keep your fingers crossed regarding backdated estimated readings. I imagine your tenancy contract specifies that utilities are your tenant’s responsibility so you could argue that if they try to bill you.
  3. Try another mortgage provider? Then sort out the title when you are in. If you can get a mortgage it would be worth trying to renegotiate your offer due to the issue.
  4. I agree with what has been said above. However, if you were thinking of selling, the question is how much would having the freehold increase the value of your house. Admittedly that's a bit of an unknown, but some people are wary of leasehold.
  5. One day some works may be needed to your flat (eg windows) and everyone else will have to chip in. It’s the way these leases usually work.
  6. Sheffield Wadsley Bridge Premier Table Tennis Club has recently relocated to Stannington. Community Centre.. Our junior sessions are held at 6pm on Fridays, followed by our adult social sessions at 7.30. You can just turn up; first session is free. New adult and junior members welcome. See our web site for up to date details. https://sites.google.com/site/wadsleybridgettc/home
  7. The current leaseholder is presumably paying ground rent. Find out who they are paying it to. At a fixed £20pa it may not be cost effective to purchase the freehold. Just asking for a quote for the freehold may cost you the equivalent of several years ground rent. However, you do have good grounds for reducing your offer.
  8. Sheffield Wadsley Bridge Premier Table Tennis Club is recommencing table tennis coaching for 8 to 16 year olds from Friday 6th September. Sessions will take place from 6 to 7.30pm on Fridays at Stannington Community Centre, Myers Grove Lane. Sessions are led by registered Table Tennis England coaches. All participants will also have to opportunity to play in a division of the appropriate standard in the Sheffield Junior League at EIS one Saturday morning per month. You can just turn up at the first session or email wadsleybridge@hotmail.com for further information. More information about the club can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/wadsleybridgettc/home and on our Facebook page.
  9. Contact the university accommodation office. https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/accommodation/contact
  10. If work was done without permission it is now usual for the buyer’s solicitor to ask the seller to pay for insurance against the freeholder subsequently objecting, although it is extremely unlikely that such an objection should be raised. If you ask for permission for subsequent development there may be a charge. This is in addition to planning consent from the local authority. The leaseholder might charge you a fee just for telling you what they would charge you for the freehold. Factor all this in to the price you pay for the property.
  11. Re houses in new developments, make sure you can buy it freehold. Note that you will probably also spend money on carpets, curtains, fitted wardrobes, landscaping etc. and in the short term if you sold it you would probably lose money. If you are buying off-plan make sure you are not buying a dark pokey property. There's something to be said for buying a newish second hand property you can look round if the reason for buying new is good insulation and minimum maintenance.
  12. I’ve taken photos for some big indoor/outdoor events at Tapton/King Edwards schools , which are adjacent, at Crosspool.
  13. The obvious thing to do is write to the freeholder who should send you any forms they use and probably a direct debit form.
  14. You could also look at Hillsborough and Middlewood. The tram makes a trip to the city centre seem quite short.
  15. Good luck finding someone to do it for less. That was a rock bottom price. Here is a suggestion. Attach your slide to a sheet of white A4. Light it brightly from behind. Make sure there are no reflections or shadows on the front. Take a photo on your phone. Use your phone's photo editing tools. You won't be able to get rid of scratches and dustspots and the texture of the paper might show through, but you can convert to greyscale or sepia and enlarge it yourself. See
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