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Cat pooing anywhere


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my cat is about 8 months old and she poos anywhere but her cat tray, she can pee in it but poos in other places. We clean it up and scrub it but she still does it. She been neautered and doesnt like the out doors.Ive used the get off spray but with no effect any ideas please??????????

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We put litter trays were ferrets like to go first.But if they poop anywere on floor it go,s in the tray every time so they no thats were they should be.Always say NO tray to them and gently move them over to tray even if its too late.No good playing hell with them or Squirting Water at them as ive seen some do it just makes them go else were.And specaily dont go rushing to them and chuck them in tray either,

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It could be the litter your using i know it sounds daft

but we was using pine cat litter for mell

& for some reason she just would not go near it let alone

go on it if your using pine try a different litter or vise versa

it could be something as little as that

also Mell was a little confused as the owners who had her before

was very violent with her at just 6 weeks of age if she poohed in

the wrong place & not on the litter

so she ended up being scared to go

on the litter try because they literally threw her on it if she did it wrong

if your cat has had any sort of experience like this before you got her

she will probiley be scared to go on it we had to let Mell know

it was good to go on the litter tray eventually she got it

you just don't know what they have gone through before you got them

unless you do if so then just disregard every thing ive just said

but it could still be something to do with the type of litter your using

also if it dose go on the litter clean it out strait away as cats

are relay very clean animals some more than others & try putting 3 or 4

litter trays in all the spots she keeps going we did this with Me & every

time she went we picked her up

(much to her disapproval she always thought we was going to hurt her )

& fussed her & told her she was a good girl

hope this helps :)

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