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  1. I thought there might but I couldn't seem to find it I found one on car insurance etc but not pet insurance
  2. Does anyone have any experience of really good insurance companies for dogs I don't want accident only or time Limited I need it to be the per condition one just seems to be a a bit of a minefield at the moment trying to find one x
  3. has anyone ever tried these with there dogs i was thinking of getting some for my guide dog Ziggy to protect her from glass , frost / ice etc on the floor just wondering if anyone has used them before & what they think of them https://www.dfordog.co.uk/afp-boots-gr-XS.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwqdi7BRCL6Zmjk5-rsTwSJABmrVabmJ1aNe8VOh0MpDrYp5C12kBP_vMav8_NsB0UtN3SuBoC9ubw_wcB
  4. I know someone who is rehoming his gsd x collie I know it's not x lab but the dog has a beautiful temperament and he's great with kids the reason he is rehomeing him Is because he just doesn't get on with the resident dogs I can send you pictures if you need them
  5. I know this post is from 2007 but I am needing some bales of straw does anybody know of any Quality really isn't important as it isn't for animals thank you in advance
  6. If anyone is gifting or selling a kitchen cheap can you please let me know as I am desperate for kitchen complete if possible
  7. :help: is anyone giving a full kitchen away please :help: condition isn't important as I can rub them down & paint them if you don't have a full kitchen just have a few kitchen units then that will do I will appreciate... anything at the moment thank you for reading my post & thank you in advance if you can help Tereaza
  8. Don't forget your dogs this Christmas they deserve to get presents too i personally make & bake the biscuits ,cakes etc to the individual person with their dog/s taste , needs & dietary requirements even down to the shape of the biscuit they require https://www.facebook.com/Its-All-Doggylicious-437751472928325/?ref=hl http://forcakes.wix.com/itsalldoggylicious
  9. I used to love going to turnups I went every Friday with my brother .....yes I did say that right I went every ware with him I even met my hubby there & 23 years later we are still together
  10. no she had clearly done this before but the dogs was purely money making machines so very sad I don't know how I kept my mouth shut
  11. i doubt it her mum said she had 5 other dogs that she breeds from in a 1 BEDROM FLAT !!!
  12. I'm very sorry but I am going to have to vent I had to take ziggy to the vets For a bit of ear trouble she had been having When in rushed a women with a very stressed shiatsu which was in the Process of giving birth & was rushed straight in of which I had no problem with What I did have a huge problem with was the fact that the bitch was only Just 12 months old & the poor girl was struggling so much & every time A puppy came out she tried to kill it ! The woman's mother was in & must admit she was ****** at her daughter For allowing this to even happen & when I said to her mother do you think she will learn by it the answer was no because she want to make money Even though she is going to have to hand feed these poor babies She still won't learn she hadn't even bought bottles in case this happened Her mother didn't even realise she could lose the mother & pups all together though her stupidity all to make a quick buck & even if it was an accident she could of had the pregnancy terminated But oh no she has to think of the bloody money that her 12 MONTH OLD PUPPY WILL MAKE HER !!!! Rant over
  13. hello does anyone know of any places to rent like this one it has GOT to be in Sheffield or Barnsley only please its to rent for a week in September 2018 when we renew our vows I need rooms like this one has so I can have a DJ & buffet this one is perfect but just that little bit far away I have been searching & searching but have had no joy I'm wanting something like this to make it more personal I hope someone can help http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/chesterfield/1945176
  14. I can cope with people's dogs coming running up to her I have had that numerous times as long as the dogs not aggressive And I get an apology from the owner I don't really have a problem with it but this dog was clearly aggressive she didn't even know that her dog was a Japanese fighting dog she obviously had done no research on the breed at all and she clearly couldn't handle it and all she could say it wasn't her fault that's what upset me most of all she didn't even try to stop her dog attacking Ziggy all she could say to my husband was stop kicking my dog and then we had a group of lads have a go at Tony for kicking the dog luckily enough for us there was an off duty police officer that helped but the group of lads was going to start on Tony it didn't matter about the dog aggressively attacking Ziggy It very quickly I got out of control and could have been a lot worse if it hadn't of been for people Helping but thanks to a lot of other people Helping it quickly got resolved advancedskim it was in Chesterfield town centre outside Witherspoons
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