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  1. I love this writing. Thank you for taking so much time to show your appreciation of this great city. I felt sad that Faunagraphic did not get a mention, my favourite work in the city is often hers. She has been in Bulgaria recently so maybe her work is slipping away from our walls now. Damn this isolation I would not know! I do wonder if your letter is 'Fake News' as I can't believe that someone thinks the bus fare is cheap! ;)
  2. Who could possibly say it's too far gone? Our brains are amazingly capable of adapting. I know someone who went for residential treatment at Bethlem Hospital in London. It did not offer a total cure but it stopped their OCD being so life-limiting. Might be worth investigating. Good luck.
  3. I can remember hearing that kind of noise before moving house at least ten years ago. I would have rather been asleep than trying to work it out!
  4. The English Pewter Company certainly used to sell urns. They are on Petre Street near to Medowhall.
  5. Has anyone else seen a white car with a 360° camera on the roof in Sheffield this week? I have spotted it twice now but have not seen the logo for traffic enforcement or Google so do any of you know which other companies it might be, please.
  6. There is a chap in Darnall that is very highly recommended.
  7. I guess if you move in, it could be the start of it getting better
  8. I think it's about what else is made on the same production lines in the manufacturing building at other points in time. Essentially there are not enough Nut-Free sites in my opinion. It is a worry almost every single meal time here in the UK and an impossibility to go over seas. Even if you have language skills an all-inclusive buffet with airborne allergens is a no go zone when anyone can use the tongs from one dish and then touch other food already on that plate to contaminate the main dish again. I wish this stuff was taught in schools and workplaces. It can and does kill
  9. I know of a piano that could be donated to the cause, it would need transport. Can anyone collect it, please?
  10. Tramlines from Hillsborough Park has been great so far. Arriving before 5 pm Friday and 2 pm Saturday meant going straight to the security pass without a soul in front. The staff were friendly and the police and sniffer dogs made it feel safe and professional. The toilets are the best I have seen for a few years due to a raised open floor style of base, so it's not really grim to use the facilities like a skating rink after someone else which is always a bonus. You can get a can of Red Stripe for £4.80 and there is a range of craft beers on sale too. The queue for the beer has mainly taken about 3 mins, 10 at tops straight after a main band. The food offering is fantastic. The Vegan stand with the sunflowers was amazing. The staff had come from Northampton so that's great that they get to see Sheffield in such a good light. There are a few (not enough in my opinion), stalls selling clothes, sun hats, body glitter and BUM BAGS (always been handy TBF but I had not realised they were cool again now!), ATMs etc. There are lots of litter bins which are regularly emptied. There are also a fair few but not quite enough recycling points. Litter pickers are plentiful and doing a fantastic job. The recyclable plastic pint pots are being collected with glee by the under 10s. There is a 50p deposit paid per 5 glasses that are returned. (If only there could be such a deal where they would be happy to pick up cigarette butts). I have only seen paper plates, straws and wooden cutlery which is great on the single-use plastic front. The canopy of trees surrounding the park gives so much extra appeal to the venue, (which is much flatter than the Ponderosa so better on a restricted accessibility front), for this reason, the best yet for Tramlines in my opinion. The comedy and cinema screen has been exceptional. On the way out there was still loads of parking spaces nearby and a fair few happy taxi drivers. The tram replacement buses were well organised and plentiful and cost £3 to get back into town. There are fringe events in the local pubs and at Ollerton Stadium in Hillsborough and the takeaways on Middlewood Road looked to be doing superbly. ASDA has also stocked up on their drinks and cash back offering. All in all, so far, so good in my opinion. I have seen brilliant live acts, not a single incidence of trouble, lots of car parking spaces in the surrounding areas and well-organised road closures. What is not to like! What has the atmosphere been like in town and at the Folk Forest this year? Has it been too loud for locals who do not like the type of music playing?
  11. It sounds very intense. Well done for getting this far and posting here. If you have time read the book: You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought. Maybe find 10 things to be thankful for each time you feel yourself worry? Good luck
  12. There is a Home Start group in Meersbrook and Hillsborough for vulnerable parents. They have very tight running costs, so I am sure it could help their little ones to play, whilst their parents are in a supportive environment.
  13. Nina Rithalia makes beautiful jewellery. http://www.ninarithalia.com/ ---------- Post added 28-11-2016 at 22:12 ---------- Nina Rithalia makes beautiful jewellery. http://www.ninarithalia.com/ She is based at the Artspace in Sheffield
  14. What Boyfriday is not a girl!??? Nooooo!
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