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  1. I understand the original place is on the market because they're moving to bigger premises not far away. Definitely still being used as a cattery.
  2. Don't think there are any central ish as such. Highfield is probably the nearest to the centre. Burngreave direction there's Springfield at Firth Park.
  3. Lol ... I can imagine quite a lot of cats answering this way too
  4. Your vet may be the best bet blondebint. They have equipment and sedation if needed to be able to handle a reluctant client safely.
  5. although the one 8 lives advertised quite clearly states unneutered male cat with no chip!
  6. Rileys & co .... vintage shop plus lovely cafe just off Abbeydale Road is dog and cat friendly: https://www.facebook.com/RileysandCo
  7. 8 Lives cat rescue are seeking a foster home for a shy adult tom cat. We're looking for someone experienced with nervous cats who has a spare room where he can be kept separate from any resident pets and kept safely indoors. Paul was a long term stray who has now been neutered and vaccinated and we feel has the potential to become a happy house cat. He's very timid though not aggressive and there's a real sense of a lovely soul underneath the fear. Unfortunately with all the other cats at the rescue we're not able to offer the amount of time and interaction that he needs in order to gain his confidence. We can provide all the equipment, food, litter and health care etc. You need to be able to provide time and love and patience. Check out our facebook page for more info https://www.facebook.com/8Lives You're welcome to contact us by message on here, or message on our facebook page, or on our email eightlives@outlook.com for further info.
  8. Hi ... I'm afraid you're right and you have contacted me. We're completely full I'm afraid. It's heartbreaking but so many cats get dumped and we don't have room for them all. Some of the bigger rescues have waiting lists that you should be able to get their names on.
  9. https://icatcare.org/advice/keeping-your-cat-happy/moving-house-your-cat Lots of useful advice here. People do often use catteries for a few days whilst they move and it can be a good option. You'll need to be sure they're neutered and up to date with vaccs though if you want to use a cattery.
  10. all the smells are wrong after a day at the vets. we often have hissing between mum cat and her kits when mum comes back from being spayed. it normally settles quite quickly. suggest you keep cat and GSD separate for now, and call vets in morning as you said.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with working full time and having an adult cat either, so long as cat is able to get into the house and has food & water. I wouldn't rehome an 8 week old kitten on its own to someone who was out all day though.
  12. Rileys & Co: https://www.facebook.com/RileysandCo/ Farrar Rd ... just off Abbeydale Rd. They have lovely outdoor areas at front and back too.
  13. https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-rescue-centres-uk-ireland here's a list of other rescues you could try
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