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  1. Power cut in S59nl area northern power aware
  2. My car makes a crunching noise every time I go over a speed but it’s getting louder is this a easy fix
  3. My 54 plate captur makes crunching noises when going over speed bumps does anyone know what it could be please
  4. hi im having some work done to my council property and the completion date is 3rd January 2019 and the work is yet to start and no where near to starting. What happens if the work isn't completed by this date if any one can help please
  5. Hi any body anything about spas I’ve filled mine treated it waters cloudy and gave it a big dose of chlorine yesterday put a dip stick in and all Reading are 0 chlorine 6.8 ph 0 total alkalinity is this normal
  6. Yep wants the space !!!! But cars are always broken into on the street it might happen over and over ??
  7. need advise please when I'm at work I park my car in the grounds, the employers are asking us to park in the street in front of work but I've told my insurance company, that my car is parked in work car park during day. So if I park on the street and it gets broken into or damaged will I still be able to claim. Need it clarifying before I email my boss thank you all you good people
  8. Hi is there any pond expert out there that can advise me on how to get rid of the green in my pond please
  9. My son is 11 12 in November he wants to play for a football team we live in s5 anybody recommend where I can take him he hasn't played for a team before but plays with school and mates
  10. I'm wanting to build a biggish shed at the bottom of my garden what size can I go without planning permission please
  11. Asking me to press ctrl alt and del and just keeps rebooting back to this can't even do a system restore and have no disc please help
  12. Just read there is going to be a farmfoods being built across from Asda parson cross is this true I thought it was going to be a Asda petrol station as 2 massive tanks where put under ground
  13. My 207 diesel is baking my brain it keeps cutting out and saying antipollution fault this is pretty dangerous especially going on motorway I've googled it and it says go up motorway for 15 mins in 3rd gear and its not worked also now when engine turn off there is a squealing noise and then clicking which is new
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