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Boring Sports to Watch


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fishing - how that ever got on TV is beyond me


Golf - actually the whole sport just spoils a good walk... though I'd rather watch a good walk on TV than golf


Darts - it's a pub pastime not a sport!

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Dressage IMO has to be the most boring and pointless sport ever closely followed by bowls. I was going to add all forms of gymnastics but I don't consider it to be a proper sport.

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Squash is my chief contender. The better you are at it, the slower the game gets; amateurs and beginners you can watch charging all over the court, bouncing off walls and falling over, but watching the top professionals, in terms of interest, runs a close second to the Annual Paint-Drying Championships.


I used, when I was a lot younger and a lot fitter, to be a very good amateur squash player (but still nowhere near professional level) and I still enjoyed playing the game, but watching my peers play was as dull as dishwater. They were too good to be exciting.

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