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  1. I agree totally, same can be said of the language, I'd be banned if I said what I think of this vile cretin.
  2. What is ironic is that you are the one who mentioned it.
  3. Doesnt work though, I must see a dozen or more of these "types" every single day of the week on my travels round S5 alone.
  4. I already have blackbox software recording the road in front of my car from my android phone when I'm driving but I have thought about something like in Cyclones link. A mate of mine has just bought an expensive motor and has four cameras fitted to it, they are covert and have very good resolution but they cost a fortune to buy, impressive though.
  5. I had a drive round Dryden Road the other day and as usual it looked like a scene from Threads, I also couldn't believe the amount of kids around the 8 to 10 year old bracket who were being dragged around by Staffies. I feel sorry for the few decent people left up there who have been outnumbered by all the scummers that have moved in.
  6. Not far off what I gave them over Christmas
  7. I was only dumping grass and hedge cuttings though Biggsy, wouldn't fly tipping that be good for the environment
  8. Geller and Andre are two of the most useless individuals on TV although Andre is in a league of his own. I can totally believe a pillock like Kid Creosote trying to cash in on Robin Gibbs death, no doubt he will be telling OK magazine all about his anguish in the next few weeks.
  9. Would I be able to see it from Lane Top. I can clearly see what I think is an immense landmark itself the Emley Moor tower.
  10. Maybe we could get the unemployed to build us something like this.
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