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  1. The Servalan character was my favourite baddie (played by a proper actress) whom I lusted after when I was growing up.
  2. I don't call OHLE just having its juice switched on for a service that was supposed to start about three years ago being ahead of schedule.
  3. Years late and over-budget when a heavy rail solution could have been implemented far more efficiently. After operating a short while will also fall to bits. Just like the Cambridgeshire Misguided Busway.
  4. Wednesday and their customers are welcome to her.
  5. Not a deal - but there is this fare from Sheffield to London - if you can meet the restrictions (have to use XC and London Midland services - change at Birmingham New Street or Tamworth) http://www.brfares.com/#faredetail?orig=SHF&dest=EUS&rte=370&tkt=OPR This is a walk-up fare.
  6. Blades will get thumped seven to nowt, but If there was a prize for the best own goal, I think they'd be in with a shout.
  7. Your lot are welcome to the useless donkey. Rather than Veolia UK emptying my bins I am wondering if Sheffield Wednesday do the job and also pay me. Well, they do like paying money to take other people's rubbish away :hihi::hihi:
  8. A side in disarray that had won the previous four at home and absolutely thrashed Bristol Rovers?
  9. Your lot will fail yet again while we go up as champs.
  10. Charlton to win seven to nowt. If there was a prize for the best own goal then Sheffield United would be in with a shout. Apologies to a band called Megson. Apparently they are named after a dead dog.
  11. One your lot will lose seven to nowt. If there was a prize for the best own goal I think they might be in with a shout. :hihi::hihi:
  12. Loved the Willy Wonka character but don't think I have seen any of his other films. Been recommended Stir Crazy, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein - hope one or more of them are on the box soon. ---------- Post added 29-08-2016 at 23:22 ---------- Tell a lie - forgot about Silver Streak (seen a few times) - have the book.
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