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Skipping games and skipping rhymes - remember?

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When I was a kid at school we used to have lots of skipping games. It was one of the few occasions when boys and girls would play together.


At playtime there'd be kids with skipping ropes all over the playground. Sometimes you'd get a couple of girls with a length of washing line and they'd create a huge skipping area and us kids would queue up to jump in and skip, several of us at a time, while they chanted certain rhymes.


I can't remember many of those skipping rhymes now, but maybe you can?


"Salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar....:)

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Sally in the kitchen


Jelly on a plate


All in together girls


and if I rack my brains may be able to name a few more from the late 50's early 60's


"Teddy bear, teddy bear"


"Boomer car, boomer car, number twenty-eight"


I know a "non pc word" boy, and he's double-jointed"




"blue bells, cockle shells eee-very high very over"

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On the mountain stands a lady, who she is I do not know,

All she wants is gold and silver, all she wants is a nice youg man,

So come in you ---------------------

We'll all go out to play.


:shocked::shocked: this is a family forum:hihi::hihi::hihi:

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