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  1. What about Super 8 cine film?? I have some that need doing (but I'm not in Sheffield or even close!!!)
  2. If you search Ancestry.co.uk, and select public member trees for eliza ellen o'brien 1887, sheffield,, there is a family tree on there with census images - in 1901 she's listed as a servant to a family in Clum (??) Street - hope this helps!! 🙂
  3. Hi, Getz, my dad's brother - Ron Womersley - also went to Lydgate around the same time (maybe a couple of years before you) - I believe he was head boy at High Storrs later... Just wondered if you remembered him??? My mum also went to Lydgate and would have been there around 1940 - (Mary) Jean Watson...
  4. Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth - Bing Crosby/David Bowie Silent Night/Lord of my Life - Lady Antebellum
  5. As PCR detects the DNA/RNA of the virus, I would say yes, it is the right tool for the job... While the body takes time to produce antibodies, this would detect the virus a lot earlier in the infection. We use PCR in the blood transfusion service to detect HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis E viral DNA as well as antibody detection... At the moment, there's an ongoing study to detect COVID antibodies in donors who haven't been tested as positive for the virus, to establish how many have been infected and not known it.. .As donors usually give blood several times a year, this would give an idea about the longevity of the antibody levels
  6. That would be great!!! Thank you so much..... I'll pm my email address to you…. I've just looked - and there's 2 now !!! That's the first time I've seen them on there!!! Thank you... 😀
  7. I've heard of it but know very little about it - I think it's a method of snipping out faulty gene segments, and then replacing them with others... It's called "CRISPR" - this article should explain more... https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/genomicresearch/genomeediting
  8. There's several pages on the Clarion Ramblers here... My grandfather was also a member and was on the Kinder trespass according to family folklore... 😊
  9. See this link for information about consent... 😀 https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/helping-you-to-decide/about-organ-donation/faq/consent/
  10. I hope everything goes well for you, Allen, pleased to hear you're doing ok with your new kidney!! :)
  11. You would have walked right past where I lived!!! We had booklets of tickets for the bonfire from school, which we sold to family/friends/neighbours.... :)
  12. I always remember the bonfire/firework display at Coldwell Lane - it all started by a torchlight procession from Crosspool, going up Sandygate Road, people would come out of their houses and follow the procession up to Coldwell Lane to the playing field, where enterprising people sold Bonfire toffee and toffee apples..... (Not had those for years!!!) The torch-bearers would light the bonfire with the torches and later the fireworks would start. Kids would have their sparklers The fireworks always finished with firework cannons firng at each other on the hill beyond the field and the message "Good Night" would light up.. For some reason one year, the cannon-fight and the Good Night message were displayed at the start of the show and not the end, which created a fair bit of hilarity!!!! Them were the days!!!! :)
  13. An advert appeared on radio/tv late last year, as it seemed that when asked, relatives were still blocking donations from being used, even after a decision had been made by the donor... Be interesting to see what happens in England now!!
  14. Where I live, we have: 1 blue bag for plastics/cans (sometimes it doesn't get collected if you put the wrong plastic in - or that may be just the jobsworth ashman working that day) 1 orange bag for cardboard 1 white bag for paper 1 black plastic bucket for bottle/jars A small brown food caddy for the kitchen which gets emptied in to a larger lockable brown caddy to go outside A supply of binbags for general waste We have to pay extra if we want gardening waste removed (we just go to the tip) Recycling is collected every week, general waste every fortnight (though this may change - they trialled a 4 week collection last year and it was widely unpopular) Waste has to be out before 7 in the morning, but they don't want you to put it out overnight!!!!! Luckily, we have a large utility to store the bags in, a friend of mine has one of those plastic bunkers outside to put her waste bags in... It actually works quite well!!
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