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  1. It's not a doddle for this old silver surfer!! Thanks to all who replied
  2. How much would the cost be for setting up a lap top and printer by a professional?
  3. For all the many thousands of dollars, this wedding cost, I think the only one who looked special was the bride! Most ofbthe lady guests looked as though they were going too a Oscar ceremony! Most of the dresses were "hardly there" .I thought most of them looked common, give me a lovely UKwedding with pretty dresses and hats. The bridesmaids dresses looked as though they been bought from a local store! Loadsif money no taste!
  4. My gas and electric has gone up from £83 PCM to£152PCM . Which appliances are using the most energy. I have electric cooker and hob, dishwasher and usual kettle,washer freezers Tec.
  5. I direct debit to st Luke's, PTSD resolution ( for war veterans)Air Ambulance, and have decided also for guide dogs. In will NEVER donate to British Legion again after hearing how many millions they have and them close respite homes for former military men and women suffering from PTSD ITS a national disgrace.
  6. How lucky my am I to have lots of friends and family.? Counted my cards after look in through them and reading the verses,,, I had 56!
  7. Start new years eve with the cards, everything else, New years day, then the bi clean up and back to normal!!! Happy 2022 to all.
  8. Think I am right in saying, when you can donate, they only take single vision glasses? So no bio/vari vocals. ....or even vari FOCAL!!
  9. The simple reason is, there's not enough officers to man them. Some years ago I asked a friend police officer (now rerired) and he told me that, things haven't changed. Recently I was talking to an office who said the previous Saturday, THREE police officers from woodseats had to cover from Fox House to London road and all areas in between, thats a very big area. Had there been a major incident ........doesn't bode well. Reckon they aren't overly chuffed about lack of staff. They do a good job with the resources they have.
  10. A good way to tellmivbthey are genuine, look at their hands. A homeless persons hands will be engrained in dirt........
  11. I have had surgery twice (same foot) had it done under a General anaesthetic, off my feet for 2 weeks. Only allowed 5 minutes in any hour to make a cup if tea, slice of toast and toilet. It takes a full 6 months to recover enough to wear normal shoes, no high heels these days, wedge and block are about all! Sketches are a must, you learn with age its all about comfort. I only wear dressy shoes if I am going out. Good luck. R
  12. My surgery has servedb4 generations of my family, I have seen a good number of GP's come and go in that time. My gran was one of the first patientswhen Dr excell took over from Dr a Rippon and Chandler Carterknowle road. I saw one if the 'old school' doctors a while ago and commented I wonder what Dr Excell would have made of the recent extensive alterations, and more recently that they seem not to do nights or weekends. When my mother had a heart attack the above old school Dr came to see her, he was still in his decorating clothes! He gave me his home phone number to ring if her condition worsened, but came back of his own accord,sadly she died but he sat with us for quite a while..he was brilliant when my late husband was ill, and with me when I needed Help to come to terms with it. If he reads this I hope he knows how he helped me. Sadly, along with many of the other 'old school' dr's have now retired mores the pity.
  13. I remember Ronnie Wood who I knew as uncle Ronnie, he had a shop in the Wicker. I can picture him now,always very smart and was good for a laugh! He was a friend of my father.
  14. Having a clear out of the shed and have some tins of paint, mostly half full and good quality, can any charity use them? Seems a waste to just dump them
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