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  1. I would never buy a car from a "pitch" a lot of these people are co men and cowboys. Take the money and run. I hope you have better luck next time.
  2. -High police presence in Jordanthrpe yesterday morning anyone know why?
  3. Bottles tins jars I wash them all out and properly not just a rinse, why wouldn't you.?
  4. It's a killer when we have to say goodbye to our much loved pets. You did the right thing, I hate people who, for selfish reasons, keep a pet going too long. You will never forget, but there will be another who deserves your love. So many I rescue it breaks my heart. I gave2 rescue dogs a forever home and am rewarded daily with love, devotion and funny antics!!
  5. VICKY Singeton I think was beauty queen . I RECALL seeing her on ads on tv too.
  6. They probably thought t would offend some people.............
  7. What low life to take back a gift. You well rid of him. Good luck!!
  8. Some old friends where involved with Elmsdale operatic society many years ago Stan was make up and Dorothy was in the box office. They used to take one of the local girls each evening to see behind the scenes. I have happy memories of that time probably over 60 years ago.
  9. Some friends go out to Hope Valley college and do very well.
  10. thanks to the 60's music I can sing along with the music on 'gold'! I was in love with my boyfriend at the time and all The Beatles! I don't have a fave record of that time all the music was great.
  11. Anyone give the contact details for "the claims guys" please
  12. In Liverpool the equivalent is Standing round like one of Lewis' reference to the mannequins in the shop window,
  13. Surely the council aren't so daft that they wouldn't know good stuff from tat! so when they take quality goods where does it end up...........in council workers homes?
  14. It was run by Dr Bullas and his wife Dr King.
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