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  1. At my previous home i was with Virgin for 14 years, if I contacted 5 times that's pushing it, sadly they are not in my area. I have had to contact sky so many times in 4 times I have lost count I what options are there, who would SF members recommend or are they all rubbish in their own way?
  2. The coronation. Watched it at friends house with my parents I was 8 years old. After that, my father being called up for the Suez crisis, then the Munich air disaster, seein Sir Matt Busby in an oxygen tent.
  3. I took an 18 month contract out with sky recently, I spoke to someone yesterday and its going by £6 a month on 1 April, surely a contract means just that? Is it legal to do that? Any SF members know?
  4. My the names McTaggart and whittlestone brings Back lots of memories. They both lodged with my gran when they first set up the surgery! She had an extra phone installed in their bedroom, Alistair daughter Margo used to come and stay sometimes. That has to be well over 60 years ago.
  5. Of a company name who do "pulling out dents on cars" rather than having to have it rubbed down filled and resprayed I did have name and number, but because I didn't deal with it sooner, lost the contact. Can any SF members help please? Thanks.
  6. A friends son is on disability benefit. I don't know how much you are aĺlowed to have in the bank before they stop/deduct your money, she has told me that he wants to put money in her account., she isn't on benefits,would this be allowed or classed as fraud/ deception or something similar? I nothing about how this works as I have never had dealings with the DSS. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
  7. Diane parents lived on glentilt road,if memory serves right at the top of my grannnys garden.
  8. I would never buy anything that cost more than £50 in that shop, and I would have to be desperate. They are well known for bad customer service.
  9. i knew a family called Ken and Sylvia Benson (nee Lee) had 2 daughters not sure if they are still living there, going back to the 80s
  10. I made a will with Keebles my daughter also. Very satisfied and reasonable.
  11. This is very interesting. I am a recent resident of jordanthorpe. I understand the local TARA group has merged with Batemoor, and is now renamed Chantry TARA, after Francis Chantry who I understand, owned the land at one time?
  12. I used to write down car number plates waste of time really, not many cars in the fifties, perhaps it was a goid idea at the time?!
  13. Better going to Chesterfield,,,,Staff very helpful unlike Blackstock .They just stand about no offer of help. Very different in Chesterfield.
  14. Taking dear friend out for a special birthday lunch, can a SF members recommend somewhere.? Not a pub phoned a couple of places but they are not open on a Monday........shame,,, Thanks in advance.
  15. Someone sent me a picture of the cleanliness report for The Grill in Sore it had been rated ONE. I have been a few times and had excellent meals and service. Is it still open.? Is there some mistake?
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