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  1. scousemouse

    Watch repairs.

    A great watch repair man in the market hall in Chesterfield. He comes highly recommended.
  2. scousemouse

    Pet insurance

    My dogs insurance is due soon (I have two) anyone give me the name of a good company please?
  3. My aunt was a Cowlishaw . Father was Harry (?) and had Nunnery farm., I think he was a milkman, his son Jack was a coal merchant. My auntie was Joan. I am always interested when i hear the name as it's not a very common name.
  4. scousemouse

    Litter on Hazel barrow Cres Jordanthorpe

    Yes carosio do. Did you think I would have posted such a comment if the outside of my house looked like a tip?
  5. scousemouse

    Locating grave

    City road helped me locate a grave in Abbey lane some years ago.
  6. I reckon this must be the most litter strewn road in Sheffield!! I wonder what the offenders do for 'community service' because its not helping to litter pick. I was visiting a friend who lives in a flat, the person above them obviously has no ashtray, seems to thinks its fair game to throw the dog ends out of the window!!!
  7. scousemouse

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    I don't mind being called love or duck. What I DO object too is people presuming to call me by my Christian name. I will tell you when you can call me by my first name not before. I have told many about it particularly when enquiring about something over the phone , 'kids' who are probably young enough to be my grandchildren. They call it being friendly. I don't, it's disrespectful. Before I retired, I worked in a professional office, and would never have considered to call clients by their name name unless invited to do so.
  8. scousemouse

    Grocery shops in the 1950s

    AA Ward on Abbeydale Road opposite Edgedale Road. My mother used to get her order delivered, and the grocery box was always packed beautifully! Sugar in blue bags.............who remembers that?
  9. scousemouse

    Can anyone help please? Broken glass candlestick

    Sorry to have been so long in replying to all you kind people! I have only tried gorilla glue and it didn't work, will try some of the other suggestions. Off topic, but where has the 'for sale/swap and free' section gone? I don't like the new format, not as easy as the old one.........or perhaps it's me?
  10. I have a glass candlearbra and one of the 'arms' has sheared off. Do any forummers know of anyone who would be able to repair it or tell me of a product I could buy to maybe have a go at repairing it myself? It appears to be a fairly clean break. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. scousemouse

    Noisy student neighbours

    Its comforting to know that some of these students could well be running the country at some point!!!!!! Everyone is entitled to peace and quiet, and if you have noisy neighbours pull them!!!
  12. scousemouse

    Sheffield council budget

    Speaking of Sheffield council.......... a friend of mine has is in the process of moving house. She had pit laminate flooring in her present home, and has now been told she has to take up the living room covering but can leave the rest of it!!!! Where is the sense in that? I don't understand the logic, it was all in very good condition and would have been a t least a starter for the next tenant. Another elderly friend has paid for everything in her flat.. Fully fitted, kitchen. bedroom , and bedroom even down to new windows and boiler!! When anything happens to her will this idiot council drag it all out , and if so why?
  13. I have used Able garage doors on about four occasions, highly recommend, and Paul is a top man!
  14. scousemouse

    Hockney painting 90 million.

    .................I wouldn't give it wall space!!
  15. scousemouse

    The Royal Family 2018

    I watched the Prince Charles programme last night, i dislike him even more. I was nearly sick when he gave that 'coquettish' simpering look, I don,t like Camilla either, though I hate the thought, reckon she will be Queen. I often wonder just WHAT William and Harry make of her.......I think Harry is closer to his father than William?

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