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  1. I made a will with Keebles my daughter also. Very satisfied and reasonable.
  2. This is very interesting. I am a recent resident of jordanthorpe. I understand the local TARA group has merged with Batemoor, and is now renamed Chantry TARA, after Francis Chantry who I understand, owned the land at one time?
  3. I used to write down car number plates waste of time really, not many cars in the fifties, perhaps it was a goid idea at the time?!
  4. Better going to Chesterfield,,,,Staff very helpful unlike Blackstock .They just stand about no offer of help. Very different in Chesterfield.
  5. Taking dear friend out for a special birthday lunch, can a SF members recommend somewhere.? Not a pub phoned a couple of places but they are not open on a Monday........shame,,, Thanks in advance.
  6. Someone sent me a picture of the cleanliness report for The Grill in Sore it had been rated ONE. I have been a few times and had excellent meals and service. Is it still open.? Is there some mistake?
  7. The Munich air disaster. I can still see Sir Matt Busby in an oxygen tent in my mind.
  8. Far things. I remember my mum giving me 4 to spend at Jennings house/shop on Archer Lane! I was told they made a penny. My grandma put silver 3d in the Christmas pudding, as the were, no tin foil in those days.
  9. Best idea would be to call them and ask
  10. BOLDOCKS fishmonger on Chesterfield road sell Manx killers the very best you can buy/taste! DEVERAUX kippers are fabulous.
  11. I remember the onion man very well. Also the "stop me and buy one" Walls ice cream cart, the man rode a bike with a big ice box on the front. I still have my families ration books,they came in very useful when my children and others were learning about the last war! The man who came to service the Hoover every year.
  12. My drive is in need of jet washing its filthy! Anyone know of somebody to help please.?
  13. I have just watched the programmeshowned last night and turned it of half way through.I couldn't cope any more with the whining. Does Harry think he is the one one ever to have lost a parent at a young age? If he is so wanting to keep his family private, renounce his tiltleo and live abroad, and take your wife with you. I admit being royal isn't easy , but she walked/rushed into the role, "'with privilege comes responsibility" I think Harry has been changed by his wife and he soon they go the better.
  14. He was a bi sexual pervert. He was determined Phillip was going to marry the queen.
  15. " The car park is full if cars at Woodseats" that's because there are not enough police to drive them. I was speaking to 2 officers a couple of weeks ago, the day before(Saturday) they told me there was only THREE on their shift to cover from Fox House to part of London road. Think how many districts there between those points, they openly admitted had there been a major incident they would have been in the mire. As frustrating as it is please be assured they doing their best with staff they have available.
  16. I would never buy a car from a "pitch" a lot of these people are co men and cowboys. Take the money and run. I hope you have better luck next time.
  17. -High police presence in Jordanthrpe yesterday morning anyone know why?
  18. Bottles tins jars I wash them all out and properly not just a rinse, why wouldn't you.?
  19. It's a killer when we have to say goodbye to our much loved pets. You did the right thing, I hate people who, for selfish reasons, keep a pet going too long. You will never forget, but there will be another who deserves your love. So many I rescue it breaks my heart. I gave2 rescue dogs a forever home and am rewarded daily with love, devotion and funny antics!!
  20. VICKY Singeton I think was beauty queen . I RECALL seeing her on ads on tv too.
  21. They probably thought t would offend some people.............
  22. What low life to take back a gift. You well rid of him. Good luck!!
  23. Some old friends where involved with Elmsdale operatic society many years ago Stan was make up and Dorothy was in the box office. They used to take one of the local girls each evening to see behind the scenes. I have happy memories of that time probably over 60 years ago.
  24. Some friends go out to Hope Valley college and do very well.
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