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  1. my grandmother was the landlord there during the war and then my mother took over until around 1947 It was a lovely pub the ladies use to sit in the snug, billards upstairs and then the main bar although thinking about it , it must have been very tiny. I went back a month ago - wow it has taken over the whole block - ashamed to say i didn't go in too many happy memories to be broken.
  2. Yes i use to live at 48 Hadfield Street in the 50's. My brother went to St mary's just across the road. We use to get lovely ham off the bone from the shop on the corner. Fish shop just up the road and cinema and library all within walking distance. Loved the house. I recently spent two glorious days walking old haunts with some friend's from childhood. Could move back to Walkley in a flash.
  3. yes indeed. I went there in the 40's they taught swimming by putting a rope around our middle and walking up and down the length of the pool and then eventually they just threw us in. Certainly remember the wooden changing rooms. When i was 16 i decided it was time to enter The Turkish Baths. An experience I thouroughly enjoyed and have never forgotten
  4. I think it's great that these teachers are still remembered. Mr Peck, Miss Clements. Does anyone remember Mr Chandler - what a terrific guy, I was a terrible speller and he said "Just have a dictonary on your desk" and I did for years, I really worked hard to please him and was heart broken when he left the school. He was replaced by a Mr Doughty (my sister's fav, a good teacher but he couldn't replace Mr Chandler. I use to live in Truswell Avenue and we had three routes to school. quick way throught the cemetery, across what i think must have been allotments (where an old guy lived in a hut) or the boring route along the roads. Allotments were first choice.
  5. It would appear that our dear old school has been converted to apartments!
  6. Message for Harleyman. I'm staying at the Rutland next month - will say hello to the old building for you - maybe I'll get to stay in my old classroom.
  7. I've just spent the last week on my hands and knees using vinegar and wate,r cleaning the walls and furniture of a house which was rented by smokers. I have an old friend and I know that when I go to see her she's cleaned her front step. When I return to my house in England the first thing I do is clean the front door. You can take the girl out of Sheffield but you cannot take Sheffield out of the girl:
  8. No I don't think so. Does salt vinegar pepper ring any bells.
  9. I certainly remember Miss Clemments - certainly didn't mess about in her class. I thought it was a great school loved every minute - even when I had to go down to the infants where my little sister was being made to wash her mouth out with soap!!!
  10. Well Harleyman your experience at Gregg just about mirrors mine - but it would appear that inspite of it or maybe because of it, we've dun good!! have an enjoyable week-end.
  11. Harleyman you are so right and here we are still beating ourselves up decades later. Mixed bag of teachers and a mixed bag of students. It seemed to me that the majority had parents who were small shopkeepers. And it wasn't til a lot later in life that i discovered how much small shopkeepers made (certainly in those days). Still we cannot change anything and we are here - thank God.
  12. I'd love to read a history of the school. Where can I find it. And what was wrong with the kids who were there for the RSA - its education after all.
  13. So much anger. Chill out we are what we, are a result of all our experiences - Gregg School was a melting pot some did good some not so good but we're here and able to talk with other (then kids) who went though a similar educational experience. Lucky us.
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