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  1. Just as long as they made sure all the flaps were scotch taped down
  2. Hundreds of thousands of masked Gendarmerie wearing bullet proof black uniforms and helmets descend on neighbourhoods all over the country in unmarked black choppers and split up into teams. One carries a sledgehammer the rest are armed with military assault weapons. If doors are not opened immediately the sledge hammer is used, Houses are ransacked in search for weapons, large trucks are on hand to take them away. Meanwhile in Washingto the one eyed President Kim Il Junk dressed as usual in a black tunic and trousers, clutching all white pet Persian cat and surrounded by fifty of his karate trained bodyguards tells the nation that "gun crime as we know it is finally over" Leaders of the NRA are lined up and publically executed on Pennsylvania Avenue in time for the 5 o'clock news, their heads spiked and displayed outside a Walmart Store a block from CIA HQ. The Rev Art Himmler of the Westboro Church leads the Capitol Hill Peoples Choir in a rendition of Kum-by-Yah
  3. What are you rattling on about? I thought all the smoke and soot was gone in Sheffield so what's fogging up your brain box ? I made no mention that whites never carried out shootings. My meaning was that while English people are generally submissive to authority Americans are in many cases not
  4. That's the trouble with some of the English. They see a country that shares a common language and then think it must be similar to Australia or New Zealand well it's not. Its a big mix of cultures, customs and ethnics and the Anglo-Saxon nature of self restraint, respect and obedience to authority isn't always in evidence. Many Americans see government and authority as a bit of an enemy and to be somewhat suspicious of.. Obviously very few on here get it Australians to a little lesser extent are the same. I saw a movie once with a story of Gallipoli and the Aussies who took part in that battle. Two British officers were disgusted at what they saw as the lack of discipline among the Aussie O.Rs "I really cannot understand these colonials" one said to the other "they are undisciplined, sloppily dressed and only salute the officers they like" :hihi:
  5. I can only explain the situation as I see it from living here so long. If they had really wanted to do something about gun control they should have done it 80 years ago when the population was much smaller and guns fewer in number. Maybe the average American living in that age of gangsters and bootlegging might have been more agreeable to changing the second amendment and controlling the types of guns allowed Instead it's been allowed to get out of control and yes lobbyists do influence Congress people. As a foreigner I never understand exactly why lobbying is allowed. it seemed a form of bribery to me. Lobbyists fund election campaigns as well as big corporations. If you look at it enough you could say that it's all F.Ud but what does it matter what I think. I just live with it ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 19:27 ---------- I agree it just horrible. But it's a horrible world. How many kids have died in the wars in the middle east? How many have died trying to reach Europe? Two years ago there were around 50 thousand kids from south America on the US -Mexican border. Their parents had sent them off on foot to reach the US hoping that they would be taken and in turn so would their parents. Thousands were taken in, housed, clothed and cared for. It's not all bad
  6. And you're another waste of space... commonly know as a troll. Get lost
  7. You are just displaying your complete ignorance on this matter. You state that Britain was "crammed full of guns in 1946" which even if it were true the guns were most likely captured German. Japanese and Italian military issue souvenirs brought back by the lads and without the ammo to fire them. The UK government has much more power to legislate much more quickly and with far less opposition on just about any matter concerning it's citizenry than does the US. The set up between a parliamentary authority and an American type Republican authority are planets apart. If Obama decided to push ahead and draft a bill to amend the 2nd Amendment and radically restrict the type of weapons available to consumers it would probably die in Congress almost immediately because at present Congress is a majority Republican Party Congress and with a very vocal far right pro gun group. Even if by some miracle it did pass in Congress the bill would then have to go to the Senate for approval and could very well just die there and the whole bill dumped back on Obama's desk dead as a door nail. On the other hand if the bill did get through Congress and the Senate it would then have to go to the Supreme Court which interprets the legality of all matters concerning the Constitution. At the same time there would be an immense backlash from Congressmen and Senators who represent States where gun ownership is very strong. Throw in the NRA who would file a batch of lawsuits so long that it would take literally years and untold millions of dollars to settle and then the national divide between pro gun and anti-gun factions, another major issue which could very well have very unpleasant consequences. So when you insult me I am merely answering your comments with what's involved as a dim hope that it might shine a little light in the dark, blank inner recesses of what passes for your brain. ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 18:01 ---------- But it's the weapon of choice among the worst of inner city gangs so where did they get them from ? Now give me another reason why gun control works so well ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 18:18 ---------- Probably not to be honest unless schools and colleges are prepared to spend lots and lots of money on hiring and training armed guards and setting up perimeters on school grounds and campuses with security checks involved. But then again the mentality asserts itself as "Why are we going to spend all this money when budgets are tight in the one in a million chance that it could happen here" At present most good sized colleges have a few unarmed security staff but the loonies are probably aware of that and there is no restriction of entry onto the college grounds
  8. How many times do I have to keep telling you? Guns are part of the culture. Close down Colt, Smith and Wesson, empty the gun stores and people would still get them smuggled in from Mexico because people want them. Christ they cant completely stop illegal drugs crossing the border or even illegal immigrants so why would it work any better with firearms? ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 14:12 ---------- Guns wear out when they are constantly used. That would imply that millions of gun owners are firing em off 24/7
  9. It doesn't matter what I support or not support. What I think makes no difference. I'm a grain of sand. It is what it is
  10. It's just far too late. There are too many guns in circulation, registered or unregistered. . Even if firearms were banned tomorrow there would still be around 80 million in circulation and there's no way possible that they could be confiscated except when used in a crime so there you have it. If I voluntarily turned mine in would it make the slightest difference? Don't think I don't worry sometimes about my three precious grand daughters who will one day soon be off to college. God yes I do and so do their parents. There's also the worry that happens during their first days of driving, the worry that they'll be safe from sexual predators. It could go on and on. The only comfort that we as parents and grandparents have is that these atrocities are still a rarity and chances still way, way against it happening to them and that's the best hope we have
  11. Ha! :hihi: Believe what you like.I can't prove anything. I think that the name Obelix is more like Obolax Anyway I'll let you have the last word Dear This back and forth with you is like arguing with a difficult and petulant woman. ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 05:21 ---------- I wouldn't doubt that number but I will say that statistics show that most of those deaths are caused by criminal activity, inter gang warfare in the poorer areas of the large cities, Chicago, Detroit , St Louis, New Orleans. Miami, New York and Los Angeles. If you're looking for some expression of concern you wont find it from me. I have none to spare for drug dealers and pimps and at least the prisons already overcrowded with scumbags of the same ilk wont reach the point where there's no way to accommodate them I live in a nice peaceful town, family orientated and with a strong Christian influence,,, good Christians not religious nutters. I live my life, enjoy it and neither bother nor harm anyone. I don't mind arguing about such issues on a forum but I don't bear a cross on my back for all the people who live bad lives and die from gun shots. To put it plainly I could not care less.
  12. I use a Winchester 94 30-30. I've dropped hogs with a single shot, the biggest weighing around 300 pounds. They wouldn't let you own a rifle like that. You'd probably end up blowing a foot off... dead eye
  13. That's very sad to hear and so hard on his family
  14. Plain to see. You're all mad with jealousy since the only thing the law in the UK allows you to shoot at is empty beer cans with a BB gun. Carry on suckers. We do have our problems here but it' s not so scary as being overrun by a few million refugees. Better start learning Arabic
  15. What happened? Somebody once kicked you out of your bed sit for falling behind in the rent and you never got over it? :hihi:
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