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  1. What is happening with the cost of school bus passes as during the past school year they have only been used for 6mths due to Covid? I need to apply for new bus passes for Sept 2020 but cannot find any info on the money lost from March 2020.
  2. Just to say to any members of the forum that had contact with Illiminati on SF that he has sadly passed away very suddenly & unexpectidly. I know he had a very knowlegable imput regarding electronics etc. Plus, Bardwells need to know one of their longest customers is no longer with us. Thank you.
  3. Could anyone help. I have applied for probate & sent off all documentation to the probate office in Sheffield 4weeks ago. This has now been returned to me, via Belfast, by Royal Mail with 1 of their lovely red stickers saying 'address incomplete'. The address is correct as checked on the website. Is there another address i should be sending it to. This is just stress added onto stress i do not need. I hope someone can help.
  4. Yes i know the title sounds silly but 'KeySafe' was too short! ? I'm needing to get a keysafe for an elderly relative. The type that is bolted to the wall & a code is entered to gain access to the house key. Does anyone have any recommendations or any specific ones to avoid please? Thank you in advance.
  5. Okay. New site at Norton/Jordanthorpe. Greggs & Costa over the road from a school. There are flimsy guidlines (2010)around fast food outlets near schools.... Yet the government & councils push for healthy lifestyles/living/diets. The council sold off this land. The council approved the outlets there. Thoughts.....
  6. Little 2 man garage on gurnsey road. They keep my old dear going & use scrap dealers.
  7. Does anyone know where is best to look for a Chesterfield sofa in Sheffield or the near surrounding areas? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Now, i don't want to scare anyone but has anyone noticed the roads in Sheffield that have sunken pits in them? One that really jumps to mind is heading over the bridge at the bottom of Woodseats road . As you drive to go up the road there is a big area of sunken road...a bit scary. There are a few others around Sheffield that i can't recall right now. What causes it & is it anything to worry about?
  9. As above. 2nd April 10am-4pm In & around Greenhill library. Usual stalls & new stalls. ???????????
  10. We have 20mph & speedbumps....does nothing... Nice little cut through for people who can't get up in time for work or to run their secondry school kids to school....
  11. It's that time of year where cars are getting mucky...& so is your rear number plate to the point of it's illegible & illegal. Seen soo many 'blacked' out plates over the past few days in Sheffield. Clean them!
  12. Basically, the parking around the Climbing works & around the Little London road area is becoming very dangerous. Going through there today, vehicles are having to back up & unsafely maneuvre, vehicles are blocking pavements & most are all travelling to the Climbing Works to do exercise but don't want to park in a safe manner & walk a few hundred feet. Understandibly during the week there are buisnesses running & there isn't ample parking but there are no double yellow lines etc. To make the area safe for everyone. Anyone any solutions to put a boot up anyone's bum to make things safer?
  13. Does anyone know the roads that are closed tomorrow & times of these closures tomorrow please?
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