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  1. Have just had an 8 yard skip ordered, for 190 +VAT from Bradwells for what looks to me more or less the same size of rubble (2 bathrooms demolished both with suites, shower cubicle and tiles/flooring + ca. 100 sq.m. of laminate/carpets) . If you're patient enough you can align all the bricks and laminate boards inside the skip in such a way so that there even will be some space left for an extra house/garage clearance! :-))) Atb. P.S. Hint: ask for a skip with a drop down front, then you'll be able to use a wheelbarrow!
  2. I am wondering if anyone ever fitted LVT planks on their stairs? I'd like to have ones installed (seems it's perfectly feasible) but I am not sure what to do with the nosings for the flush look (The shop does not supply the matching ones, and the chrome/aluminium ones that they've got will make my oak-effect staircase look like a cheap office/shop o_O). Does anyone know any places to shop for the laminate/vynil staircase nosings? I've been told to go to Sheffield flooring solutions in Darnall, any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. These points are definitely a start! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hm-m-m.. Looks like in 2010 Barkers Pool was a no-go area for buskers by request of the local businesses?.. I think it's definitely something to start with. Thanks for sharing the link with me!
  5. My other problem is that I know the songs/tunes he plays! For my colleagues he's just annoyingly repetitive and loud, whereas for me it sounds sort of like: "Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you that is how I know you go on" *here he tries to switch smoothly from one tune to another* "Show must go on Inside my heart is breaking My make-up may be flaking" and then again the Titanic theme. In a circle. Every 10 seconds. For the whole day. Every day. When I hear the first accords about 9.15 (yes, he's regular and stays there for nearly the whole day) I'm about to start crying. Then put my headphones on, sigh deeply and continue working. There was a mental health awareness week last week, they talked a lot not to get stressed at work, that's why I said "enough is enough, I need to try to do something". Ill try to get some thoughts/advices from here and then probably try to contact City Council... ---------- Post added 24-05-2018 at 13:11 ---------- What would I ask/tell them? That I can't work because someone tries to get some money for a living instead of begging?.. I'm not being sarcastic. I understand that it's a complicated subject (one person working but at the same disturbing other people's work), and if this guy was granted a licence in the first instance, it meant the city council were happy with him, no? Don't know...
  6. Hi there I am wondering if there is anything that can be done about a busker in the city centre (next to Stone the Crows/John Lewis)? I understand that they try to earn some money, and that it's better than begging... but when you hear a guy always playing (pretty badly btw) only 4-5 tunes, switching between then with every 10-15(!) seconds, every day all day Mon to Fri January to December... It just gets so annoying! On those rare occasions when he's not around there is a guy with a guitar, and he's absolutely brilliant, plays something neutral, not too loud (you can't compare frequencies of a guitar with an accordion) but he's not coming that often as the place is always occupied by this "accordionist". Yes, I did put it in brackets as in my view he's utterly horrible! I try to use headphones/earphones and listen to noisli's white noise but by the end of the day my ears hurt so much that I feel really uncomfortable. I'm also not sure it's healthy to use earphones for 8 hours a day every day. Plus knowing that there's no escape and you will have to face this problem again tomorrow does not help. Any ideas what to do? Is there a chance to speak with City council to shift this guy somewhere further from offices and closer to the high street (in my understanding there're no offices, only shops there, he may even raise more money there)? Or what?
  7. I hope we both understand that if I needed a driving advice I'd ask DVLA or SYP and not SF? They are now covered in a sort of dull coloured shapeless textile and look pretty creepy in the dark, especially if you drive there everyday and are used to yellow boxes on the poles.
  8. Should they not be at least two cameras to measure the average speed between 2 points?
  9. I commute from Sheffield to Bradford every day and my radio picks up traffic announcements from Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, York and sometimes even Hull. And they DO overlap.
  10. I was under the impression that the black car was heading towards Rotherham and not M1N? In either case, the black car was at fault in my view as the lane markings suggest it could not go left from the middle lane. I sometimes go to the viaduct (towards M1N) from the right hand lane of Shepcote lane and end up in the right hand lane of A631. But I'm always very cautious there as quite a few people try to go to Rotherham from the middle lane (of Shepcote lane) that eventually becomes the left hand lane for M1N only :-(
  11. Fully support. I even remember my driving instructor teaching me to indicate only when there's a need to do so.
  12. Are you serious about cyclist driving defensively? You should try to drive somewhere on PoW or Ridgeway road during morning rush hour and see the cyclyists driving "defensively" at speed between the two rows of cars straight along the dashed road markings as they do not want to stay in the trafifc jam together with the other road users in the absence of the dedicated cyclist lane.
  13. They've got 50% off food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and 30% off at Zizzi, kind of an opening promotion :-)))
  14. And when they completed the roadworks between J34 and 35a and 39 and 42, my life as a commuter got SO much easier!
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