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  1. In the early 80’s one of my jobs was to report to GPO telecoms the telephone boxes that needed cleaning/ repainting etc. It was a full morning every morning ( sometimes more on a Monday after the weekend ). Not nice. This was when the GPO still had telecoms as well as Post Offices under its wing. If only I had the list for you, sadly I don’t. Good luck.
  2. Check on here first to see if they are taking on NHS patients. Unfortunately not many seem to be. https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/find-a-dentist
  3. Thanks topflat for the link and info. Thanks Jeffery, we may be in touch.
  4. I was once recommended here https://www.kssurfaces.co.uk/?utm_source=yell&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=yell I didn’t end up using them but I remembered them just because they are opposite City Road Cemetery. They also do headstones so may have the offcuts you need.
  5. Admin feel free to move if it’s in the wrong place. I am in need of an antique dealer to come and value with a view to selling a set of 19C wardrobe, dressing table and cupboard. All quite large in size. There are so many in Sheffield I don’t know where to start. many thanks
  6. Our youngest cat has problems with his teeth, we use Peak vets at Woodseats. They give free check ups . If you are at Burngreave I think the 75/76 buses come to Woodseats ( well they did when I lived at fir vale) unless they have changed. Peak are reasonably priced for stuff we have needed for our cats. Hope this helps.
  7. I heard that Marcus had died a few years back. But that could have been just another one of his “stories” going around. He may just have changed names........again !!!! Craig lived at Woodseats. His father owned the fishing shop on Chesterfield Road and they lived in the flat above, this would be 1979-1982ish. Lost track of him once he and my friend parted ways. i think Molody played The Mulberry a couple of months back
  8. Molody were indeed from Lowedges. Singer Steve Warburton “warby”, drummer Paul Manfridi (became a policeman I think), Paul Nicholson worked for Yorkshire water “Nicky”on bass and Ian Lindsey “Linz” guitar. They are gigging again in 2019, who would have thought that. Deaf Aids were Terry Gambles on vocals, Craig Waite on bass the others I can’t remember, we went to The Marquee in London to see them along with about 10 others. Great night. Saw them loads in and around Sheffield as one of my friends was with Craig.
  9. What I have noticed is that 90% or so of the people doing the u turns are VW drivers, I’m presuming they are going to JCT600. Also lately had a number of people turn , as if going into retail park, but turn on entry/exit road heading back to dual carriageway. Which is worse, u turn or turning on the entry/exit which holds up both entry & exit lanes? Some people just can’t wait so cause havoc for other Road users.
  10. I'd just like to recommend & give huge thank you to Sam@Dearne (07909 842 848) & Richard Berry (07759 498651), from the site who has done a wonderful job on my friends bathroom. ( she’s not on forum, but I recommended Sam as he had done an en-suite for us) Sam was busy, as all good tradesmen are but he managed to fit her in as she’d had a big leak in her main bathroom, he recommended Richard who does a lot of work with Sam, to come & do the tiling before Sam fitted the shower, toilet & sink. It turned out to be a much bigger job than first thought but they dealt with it, no problem. Both Sam & Richard gave her very good advice, & the work was done to an extremely high standard. The price was competitive too. The shower room now looks fantastic & she & husband are very happy with the results. Many thanks once again & highly recommended.
  11. There’s a farm on the right hand side just up from Wards Garden Centre (thru Coal Aston) They sell their own local honey.
  12. Apparently this was a resounding success. Over 50 tickets were sold and a good time was had by all .
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