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Vida mat? Sheffield Buses..


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Guys, help me out :help:


I had a disscusion with a lad at work today and we talked about the ticket machines that they had on Sheffield buses in the late 70s earl 80's.


It was the one where you threw money into it and pressed the button and it gave you an inprint of the coins on the ticket.Now, I remember it being called a 'vida mat' but he says it's something else (but cant remember what)



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My uncle used to repair these machines at the old leadmill garage.

The list of things he removed from them made me chuckle!!

The usual foreign coins

Pop can ring pulls

Plastic toy coins


Knock outs from electrical back box's

Bits of metal off cuts from the school metal shop

You name it!!

If it was flat it went in

I still have a working machine in storage.....too heavy to move very far!

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