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  1. Evening all. I'm trying to trace the owners of a house on Standon Rd at Wincobank. Mrs Roberts and MR Hanson. I do have more details but i'm not giving thm out on a public forum. If you are the above or know them please pm me ASAP as there could be a large legal bill regarding the house they own. Anyone suggesting finding their deatails via the Land registry, already tried!! Admin: If you want to contact me i can give you the reasons i need to contact the above and full details of them.
  2. Is it the HADECS 3 cameras that are mounted on the side of the gantries?? They arn't controlled by the restrictions but are set to around 80 ish.
  3. Shell on Greenland rd has it on pump near the HGV diesel island.
  4. The existing AMF machinery was 2nd hand when it was fitted years ago. The newer stuff may be Brunswick GS10's or GS 92's. Both these are at least 25 years old so i wouldn't expect miracles unles it's been well looked after. I worked on the GS10's at Superbowl in Hillsborough in the early 90's,it's good gear as long as it's maintained.
  5. Maybe if the fines were used locally to employ more people to catch the offenders, including throwing cash at the flytipping issue's, the problem would cure itself. Just a thought.
  6. They do have singles nights So a er......er....friend told me:D:D:D
  7. Do the cahrge for carrier bags as well??? Coupke of small shops i use tried to charge me 5p and wern't over happy when i quoted the law!!
  8. Would i be seen as cynical if i suggested that sending reciepts by e mail is another way to send you spam??
  9. And that's how it was for the next ten nights. A flare, spurting out from Mars - bright green, drawing a green mist behind it - a beautiful, but somehow disturbing sight
  10. Saw this over Millhouses park. Thought it was a firework but maybe not given the distance it seems to have travelled. ---------- Post added 31-12-2017 at 18:07 ---------- With the optional rocket booster pack??
  11. Duncan Green, CEO Battersea Dogs Home, earns £85,000 p.a.
  12. I would have thought a **** of the week certificate would be more appropriate;);)
  13. Get rid of EVERY speed camera whether fixed or mobile!!! Employ more real police not the plastic ones who can detect more than 1 offence.
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