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  1. you cant say that BF:o:o:o:o Halibut will be along in a minute to chastise you:gag:
  2. keep your handwringing pc fantasies to yourself please . ta
  3. i can think of a few places that need nuking and carpet bombing, cheaper in the long run!
  4. war is a free for all as far as i can see!! like i said its only the western countries that signed up to the geneva convention that stick to the letter of the document.......how crazy is it that in a battlefield situation with urban guerrilla type insurgents our troops have to request permission to open fire under rules of engagement:loopy: our enemies do not meet our tradition for discipline as you put it:loopy:
  5. in some respects yes we should, there are plenty we are at war with that cant even read the Geneva convention let alone abide by it, are you really saying that all our enemies would take any notice?? only western civilised countries have ever taken any notice of it, war isnt civilised or havent you noticed:roll: ---------- Post added 10-11-2013 at 18:07 ---------- no he removed an enemy threat either at the time or in the future if he had lived:roll:
  6. wrong wrong totally wrong, who cares if the taliban was alive he didnt deserve any mercy! the taliban show no mercy to our troops! do unto others as they would do unto you! hopefully this brave marine gets the chance to appeal the conviction and soldiers on the battlefield do what needs to be done.
  7. perfect retort to the ones that use the "race card" as a defence constantly or mitigate actions of a certain section of the "community":suspect:
  8. it is a terrible thing war and one most of us will never experience. whilst i agree to boast about killing is wrong what happened to this marine is equally as wrong, his prosecution is wrong, his sentence is wrong pure and simple. what he did has been done many thousands of times in every war you can think of and especially in ww1 and ww2 we just didnt hear about it. what happens on the battlefield especially in these circumstances warrants a blind eye being turned. these insurgants in this case deserved everything they got after hearing about their "trophy" trees with our soldiers dead body parts. in the same position i would have done the same without a 2nd thought. this marine should be freed and hailed as a hero.
  9. absolutely what a great deterrent i dont think many would re-offend after that......cheap too:D
  10. excellent post and sums up how most feel:roll:i am sure the march tomorrow will consist of all the handwringers, leftie union types, teachers with scruffy appearances, the rent a mob from socialist worker, UAF and the tree hugger co-operatives:roll: whilst the rest of us work and pay our way:roll: oh i nearly forgot the "occupy" idiots
  11. I thought your grievance was about foreigners coming here and not contributing AS? I don't know the ins or outs of this individual's asylum claim but he appears to have been here many years after being abandoned and (apparently) made a lot of his life despite his inherent disadvantages. I thought he'd be the kind of youngster you'd be celebrating Adam rather than denouncing. ---------- Post added 05-11-2013 at 13:22 ---------- But the successful completion of a degree course in aviation will certainly make him attractive from an employer's point of view don't you think? My grievance is exactly that ! Another foreigner coming here to sponge off our system without ever paying in ! Most don't really care about how hard it has been for him as a disadvantaged person from another country I am far more interested in our own disadvantaged already here black white or pink!! Any normal citizen of the uk Cannot get a grant or Loan from the government or the council to gain a PPL !! Fact! Never mind as well as a degree course ! Like I said all along the lunatics have taken over the asylum !!
  12. If any of My kids got into aviation as a career I too would be delighted ! I would also be Paying for it wouldn't I ?? In fact now you mention it my youngest has had a couple of trial flights as presents and she loves it..............maybe Sheffield city council will fund her PPL ???? What do you reckon??
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