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Bird of prey ? (or not)

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i know its a bit out of Sheffield but today i was cycling through the Wentworth estate, near Barnsley and i saw a huge bird of prey.

now i am no expert but it had a wing span of at least four foot and when it landed briefly in the branches of a big tree, it looked like a eagle.

it cant have been can it?

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Haven't there been sporadic reports of "large-eagles-that-shouldn't-be-there" in/around Rotherham lately? (Wentworth is only a stone's throw away, closer to R'ham than Barnsley)


'Was a thread and/or media report (Star?) the other day about a R'ham couple out on a walk, whose small dog was repeatedly attacked/harried by a very large bird of prey, and they had a hard time fighting the bird of prey off the dog?

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