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Do shops have to give a receipt


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:( Went in a shop today a general store in S13 An lady A>O>P in front of me bought several items and put them on the counter to pay. The assistant punched the items in the till and said 20 pounds 60 pence. No its not said the O.A.P check it. The cashier got a calculator out and put items in that and said 12 pounds 20 pence. No apology given. This shop never gives anybody receipt . Are they supposed to. Next person in queue had there items put through till no problems I think all shops should be made to give a receipt by law so siblings can check the receipt for vunerable people :help::help::help:
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I don't believe they have tp give you one but I believe they have to be able to upon request.



What they said. Shops legally have to give you a receipt upon request but its entirely the store policy whether or not they hand them out routinely.


Little local shops/newsagents/fast food normally dont routinely give them out but some places differ such as the coffee shops in the train station that actually give you a free something if you DONT get given a receipt.

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